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7 steps you need to follow to write your eBook

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Writing process does not only involve writing content. It also includes ideation for content, revising, editing and much more. It is applicable for writing textbooks, novel or ebooks. Writing an eBook needs patience, and it can take days, weeks, and even months to create it. From choosing a relevant subject, doing the actual writing, editing, and proofreading, up to publishing and book promotion, the entire process can be a long one. So, if you are also planning to write your ebook, in this blog, we highlighted seven steps to create your ebook.

Ideation of the topic: The first step is to jot down everything you intend to write in your ebook. Why are you writing about the topic? Are you seeking to educate or inspire someone? Once your reader is finished reading the ebook, what do you want your reader to be able to accomplish them? This query pertains to all the ideas you aim to mention, discuss, or analyze within your ebook. Observe around yourself to generate more ideas, observe those around you, their interactions, and their daily habits. Also do observe the current happening, news, latest occurrences, inventions, and various trends. Look for what people like and dislike, what inspires them and demotivates them. These steps will help you to generate unique content.

Please choose a Topic: After you are finalized with the story idea and CAD assignment help, it’s time for you to think about what you will write about. It would be best if you chose a topic audience-friendly. Jot down whatever topics related to your blog come to mind. Look at your previous blog posts that the audience loved and add those to your topic list. Know your target audience for the eBook for and choose a specific topic that appeals to them. Make sure that your topic is related to your topic because it’s best not to deviate from your previous blog writing topics.

Stick to your outline: Your outline is a roadmap to write the content. While writing text, you may take a different outline which might make your ebook content of no sense. While starting the writing process, you should be taken care of this thing in advance. It ensures a smooth transition from one chapter to another and also makes sure that all essential and relevant information will be discussed. So we, recommend you to stick to your content outline and specify each point one after the other to make genuine content.

Proper style of writing: It is best to start your content with an introduction in the beginning and conclusion at the end when you’re done with everything else. As your book comes along, you’ll find that you might have to go back repeatedly to the introduction to do some changes here and there. The introduction gives your readers a brief idea of the content, so make it of good quality. The same principle applies to the conclusion. While writing an ebook, there should be a specific goal in your mind. Before writing the content, keep the target audience in mind and then begin with your content. It helps you to remember the target goal while writing which makes your content concise and purpose-oriented.

Start your content: Your ebook should be roughly 3,500-4,000 words long and cover about 25 pages. Organizing content into a more understandable form makes the writing process much smoother for you. Before taking notes and organizing resources, Follow these tips given below.

  • Before writing, keep all statistics and figures organized in an independent Excel spreadsheet.
  • If you’re taking reference from outside sources, make a separate Word document to organize all citations and quotes.
  • Use chapter summaries whenever possible. Note down the key points, ideas, and tips in another document. It will come in handy when you’re writing the book.

Proofread and edit: Don’t try to edit everything all at once while writing. It will slow you down and will be puzzled up with the content and delay the process of publishing. You can add graphics to help get your points across and make your book more aesthetically appealing. Examples of appropriate visuals include charts and graphs to display data, complementing pictures, and small graphics to highlight important tips or quotes. While proofreading takes for of the grammar corrections too, because nothing destroys the perception of professionalism faster than a bunch of grammar and spelling errors. Hence, pore through every Word manually instead of relying on Word’s spell-check. You can also get outsiders to help with this if you want.

Formatting: Formatting is essential for readability, so you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got this step down when selling eBooks online. After writing the content part is over, now comes the formatting part. The visuals like images, videos or any 3D graphics, can span a myriad of things. Human brains are fond of stories and a list of facts. That’s the reason books are such powerful means of study. According to studies, 65% of people are visual learners, and they respond to visual content. There are various websites which offer a free image download facility, without charging a single buck. Adding interactive images is an excellent bonus that ebooks thankfully allow you to include within your book. The colourful and even animated factors will help add a unique quality to it.

Convert your ebook: Prospective buyers will judge your eBook by its cover. Your main aim is to attract the readers toward your ebook. So the ebook cover gives a glimpse about your book, but do not overdo it. Treat your ebook speaks for the e-book itself. The best book covers have an incredible piece of information that attracts the buyer. It must act like teasers of your ebook to your cover design. A good ebook cover design tells a lot to a person about the ebook without revealing every detail. It’s are more than just decoration and can draw readers’ attention by telling the story of the book without them even needing to turn the first page of the e-book. After following the above steps your e-book is ready to get published, and reach readers.

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