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How the Pandemic is Accelerating Key Trends in Society

HomeEducationalHow the Pandemic is Accelerating Key Trends in Society

While the pandemic has brought much of life as we know it to a halt, it has also accelerated certain trends in society, mostly related to technology. Distance learning, remote work, and online shopping have all increased due to the need to social distance and keep people safe. These three areas have had an explosion of progress because of the pandemic.

Remote Work

Remote work isn’t easy, as many people know now, having experienced it first-hand. Staying motivated while working at home is difficult, and if you have children or pets, doing Zoom video calls can be frustrating. But remote work does have its benefits. It is cheaper for employers, who don’t have to worry about keeping a building operational as everyone works from the comfort of their own home. Employees can actually be more productive when they work on their own time, instead of at a corporate office. Many businesses are considering remote work the way of the future.

Online Education

Virtually overnight, teachers and administrators had to learn how to shift their teaching styles from in-person to online. They had to make their material accessible for their students. Colleges had to make their classes available for their students and give them access to all the platforms and programs they would normally access on a lab computer on campus. The shift hasn’t been easy. Online classes are less than ideal for those that need a teacher to motivate them. Many teachers have struggled trying to manage an online learning environment. But online education has adapted and been forced to develop due to the vast demand that COVID-19 has put upon it.

Online Shopping

Another area of the economy that has boomed virtually overnight is online shopping. Online shopping is nothing new. People have been using Amazon as a way to purchase gifts, books, movies, and clothing items for years. But with the pandemic, online shopping has shifted to focusing on things people need—groceries, toiletries, etc. Online shopping has exploded because of the necessity of buying things online instead of going out. Online shopping is here to stay and will likely continue to boom as we move into the future.

The pandemic may have closed businesses and schools down, but it forced other areas of the economy—remote work, online education and online shopping—to fill in the gaps. Now, these trends are here to stay.

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