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14 Amazing Benefits of Coffee You Didn’t Know

HomeWellness14 Amazing Benefits of Coffee You Didn't Know

We have all wondered at some point in our life, does coffee have benefits and what they are.

The answer is yes, but in order to experience all the benefits, you need to consume it in moderation, just like with most things. Here are some of the amazing benefits you can get from drinking coffee. 

Coffee Will Help You Burn Fat

We have all seen that caffeine is all over weight loss ads, but the thing that they promote is not true. Caffeine will help you burn fat, it will not make you lose the fat, and it will just help your weight loss process. With that being said there is no reason to go on some coffee diets. Drinking coffee will help your body burn all the excess fats that you have acquired. Here is how that works. When it comes to your body burning fat, the main factor in it is how fast your metabolism is, people who have a faster metabolism will digest foods earlier and faster as well as gain weight slower. Those skinny people who eat like truckers but remain skinny, usually have a high metabolic rate. 

There are studies that have proven that caffeine will increase your metabolism by up to 11 per cent even up to three hours after consumption. Another’s study has proved that consuming caffeine will increase the disposal of oxidative free fatty acid by up to 45 per cent. But apart from all of that caffeine will also help your body release the oxidative free fatty acid into your bloodstream.

Coffee is a Great Source of Antioxidants

As we all know some of the best antioxidants are wine, fruits and vegetables, but what most people don’t know is that coffee is probably the thing that has the largest source of antioxidants. If you are not a coffee drinker, there is nothing that will make you want to drink it than knowing that is the best source of antioxidants there is. As we all know antioxidants are amazing for you. They help limit chemicals that are linked with cell degeneration as well as preventing deadly diseases. So when you are increasing the intake of antioxidants you are lowering the risks of getting some diseases. 

One study has shown that caffeine contributes over 600 per cent more antioxidants than vegetables, fruits, goji berry and other things. 

Coffee Can Reduce the Risk of Parkinson’s disease

As we have mentioned before, apart from helping out burning fat, drinking coffee can prevent some diseases. Drinking coffee can help decrease the risk of getting a number of diseases and one of those is Parkinson’s disease. There are many studies that have proven that consuming coffee can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s. One of them has proposed that drinking a cup of coffee per day can contribute even up to a 3 per cent decrease in risk. Another research has found that when you drink five or more cups of coffee per day there can be up to 61 per cent reduction of the risk. Even though scientists are still not sure yet how coffee demolishes Parkinson disease, one research group has believed that it is because the consumption of coffee affects the central nervous system.

Coffee Will Protect Your Liver

Along with all of the benefits we have listed before, drinking coffee has also proven to have a great relationship with other vital organs. The organ that has the best relationship with coffee is your liver. The ingredients of coffee have proven to be an amazing protector of the liver especially after a night of drinking. As most know cirrhosis is a disease when your damaged liver cleanses are replaced with scar tissue which leads to loss of liver function. When your liver fails, your chances of getting liver cancer is increased drastically. Therefore, the study has found a great relationship between drinking coffee and lowering your chances of getting alcoholic cirrhosis. Even out the more coffee, you drink the less risk of cirrhosis you have, it doesn’t mean that you should binge drink coffee, because too much coffee will have negative effects. 


Coffee Will Increase Your Energy and Alertness

The most common reason why people drink coffee is because of its energy-boosting powers. It has been proven that coffee heightens your senses which will make you more alert and aware of your surroundings. That is because basically coffee is a drug. When you drink coffee, the caffeine reaches your brain and it blocks something called adenosine, which is a neurotransmitter. When adenosine is blocked out, other neurotransmitters like dopamine are enhanced which makes you feel more energy tins and alert. Because coffee has so many amazing benefits that are especially useful for people who work, most offices rent a coffee machine to fuel their employees and let them reach their full potential.

Coffee Can Protect You from Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Most people know that coffee improves your cognitive performances. Along with boosting your alertness, memory, performances and because of that it can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia from happening. Because they are two such serious conditions, there are many studies that proved that drinking coffee is related to decreasing the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. One study has reported that if you drink three to five cups of coffee per day from your midlife and on, it is very likely to reduce the risk of developing these two diseases by up to 65 per cent.

Also, there have been some suggestions on how coffee can prevent dementia from developing. Studies have shown that the caffeine in coffee increases the production of a stimulating factor of granulocyte-colony wish is known to help your brain in many ways. 

Regular Consumption of Coffee Reduces the Risk of Cancer

There have been studies that have shown that coffee can prevent cancer. They found that coffee can help reduce the risk of getting cancer in your vital organs. A study has shown that drinking coffee is correlated with the reduction of breast, bladder, prostate cancer as well as leukemia. But there is more when you dive a bit deeper into crunching numbers. If you are designing one to four cups of coffee per day you can lower the site of colorectal cancer up to 15 per cent. If you drink up to 6 cups a day you can receive it up to 26 per cent. Drinking two cups of coffee per day has been linked with reducing the risk of liver cancer up to 43 per cent. Drinking coffee every day has been correlated with a 20 per cent lowered risk of getting endometrial cancer which means that the risk is lowering by 7 per cent with each cup of coffee that you drink. If you consume five or more cups per day you can decrease the chances of getting a brain tumour by an amazing 40 per cent. 

Coffee Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

As we are on the topic of serious diseases, coffee is a great way to protect your heart. If you are a serious coffee drinker you know that there has been a myth that has been going about that coffee increases the risk of coronary heart disease. But thanks to our amazing scientist that myth has been debunked. They have proven that there is no relationship between drinking coffee and increased risks of coronary heart disease. Another study has shown that if you drink coffee for years and years, there is a moderate possibility that it will prevent you from getting a stroke. Other studies have found out that if you drink five or more cups of coffee per day it is possible that the stroke risk is lowered by 36 per cent. As well as that coffee contributes to an overall reduction of any form of cardiovascular mortality. But there are studies that have pointed out that if you drink more than six cups of coffee per day you can get the opposite effect and cause your body harm.

Straight Black Coffee Can Prevent Tooth Cavities

Honestly, we can easily say that coffee is a superhero. If you drink your coffee black, without any added sweeteners it will help your teeth by destroying something that is called streptococcus mutans. That is a bacteria that is responsible for causing cavities. 

There are studies that have proven that coffee will prevent the progress of the bacteria from growing. If you drink at least a cup of coffee per day, you can lower the chances of getting a cavity by 40 per cent. But this doesn’t mean that you should skip your dentist appointments, regular dentist appointments are important for many different reasons. 

Coffee Can Decrease Depression and Increase Happiness

As most of us are aware, depression is a mental illness that unfortunately impacts millions and millions of people in the world. One of the best ways that is proven to act as a natural relief for depression is coffee. The study has shown that people who drink more than four cups per day have a lower chance of being depressed than those who don’t. In the end, we all know that coffee is our best friend. 

Coffee Can Help Out With Acne

Acne is something that every single human on the planet will experience and struggle with. But what most people don’t know is that coffee can actually help you. It will help with rescuing all the bacteria that is causing the acne and the redness on your skin. That is all because in coffee beans there are anti-inflammatory compounds that prevent acne and those types of skin conditions. So if you are struggling with acne, feel free to indulge in coffee as much as you like. 

Coffee Is a Natural Source of Daily Vitamins

Most people just can’t force themselves to drink supplements every morning, they just forget. But what most people don’t know is that they are taking them, just not the usual way. Coffee is filled with liquid nutrients. It contains vitamins like B2 and riboflavin. Riboflavin is a vitamin that is essential when it comes to relieving migraines or other chronic pains. Therefore coffee relieves headaches and that is why your head will hurt when you don’t drink coffee. It also plays a great part in giving your body energy. Another important thing that coffee has is potassium. Potassium is important because it helps reduce the bloated feeling better known as water retention. It can also prevent kidney stones and strokes. After that comes magnesium, which is known for fighting depression symptoms, lowering blood pressure and migraines. There are just a few of many vitamins you are consuming when you are drinking your first cup of coffee in the morning. 


Coffee Lowers the Risk of Getting Type 2 Diabetes

Who knew something so simple can help you battle not to develop a chronic disease like this. There have been many studies that have shown that if you drink at least three cups of coffee per day you are lowering the risk of getting type 2 diabetes even up to 50 per cent. That is all because coffee has many compounds that are known for lowering insulin resistance. 

Coffee Can Boost Your Libido

There have been many sources that have said that coffee will leave negative effects on your libido, but that is not true, it’s only a myth. There have been multiple studies that found out that caffeine will actually increase your libido. That is because caffeine is a stimulant. But, coffee can have an impact on people who have issues with the secretions of hormones from the adrenal gland so if you are someone who struggles with that, limit your daily intake of caffeine. But on the other hand, if you are someone who is healthy you can indulge in this amazing beverage without any worries. 

Many people take the morning cup of coffee for granted, so for those, we hope that this article has opened your eyes and made you appreciate coffee a bit more. It is a great addition to leading a healthy and full life.

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