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How to Grow a Healthier Garden

HomeEducationalHow to Grow a Healthier Garden

Gardening is a great hobby. It gets you outside in the sun and fresh air, can be a great form of mild exercise, and gives you a chance to cultivate and care for something. Good, healthy gardens don’t just happen by themselves though. If you want your garden to be healthier, there are some things you should do.

Avoid Chemical Pesticides

Certain bugs and pests aren’t good for your garden’s health, so naturally, you want to prevent them from damaging your garden. Chemical pesticides may not be the best answer though. They have the potential to disrupt the ecosystem of your garden. Natural pesticides may be a viable alternative. There are even some you can make on your own. Or you can even add plants that act as natural pesticides to your garden. This can be a great, natural approach to controlling the pest presence in your garden.

Use Better Soil

The quality of your soil will greatly impact the health of your garden. The quality of the soil is impacted by both the type and makeup of the soil, as well as the nutrients present in it. Fertilizing and composting can help give the soil a boost and provide your plants with the nutrients they need to grow. Unless you plan to purchase these, you’ll need to plan ahead. If you want to create your own fertilizer, waste needs a few months to compost before you can use it. This allows the materials in the compost to break down sufficiently to be useful to your garden. Keep in mind that the size of your compost pile, as well as what is in it, will determine how long your compost needs to sit.

Water Properly

Watering your garden too much or too little will increase your garden’s susceptibility to damage and may even end up killing it. You don’t want to starve your plants for water, but overdoing it can cause mold and mildew to grow. Watering the leaves of the plants doesn’t allow for efficient absorption. Instead, it’s best to water the base, wetting the soil and allowing the roots to soak up what they need. You may find that installing a soaker hose is a good way to go about ensuring your garden is watered properly.

Growing a healthy garden offers great benefits, including the literal fruits of your labors. The healthier your garden is, the better, so take steps to promote its health. Avoid using chemical pesticides, use better soil, and understand how to water it properly. These tips can help your garden be healthier and more productive.

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