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    To figure out the success of your online events, you should monitor various performance metrics. Here are the top ones that you should track regularly.

    There are various metrics that you need to track to figure out if your online event is successful or not. 

    Here are the most important ones you should be following now.

    1. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

    The click-through rate of your promotions matters a lot. It shows you how relevant your promotional content is to your target audience. It speaks a lot about its effectiveness too. A higher CTR would mean that you’ve got your marketing on-point.

    2. Total Registrations

    The higher the registrations for the event, the better it is for your brand. You should check this number against the number of landing page visitors to figure out your landing page conversion rate.

    3. Registrant-to-Attendee Conversion Rate

    To find this rate, you have to divide the total attendees by the total registrants and multiply by 100. A higher number suggests that most people who registered for the event attended it. It indicates that your marketing campaigns worked well to get them to your online event.

    4. Viewing Time

    The viewing time helps you figure out how long the attendees stuck around for your event. Longer viewing times mean that they likely found your event engaging. To find the average viewing time, divide your overall viewing time by the total attendees.

    5. Engagement Rate

    Your online event’s engagement rate matters too. It gives you an idea of how many attendees actually took an action during the event. This can be found by measuring the number of engagements on various features like polls, resource downloading, surveys, etc.

    6. Return on Investment (ROI)

    Finally, you need to find out how the online event has benefited you. This can be understood by figuring out your ROI. To do this, you can divide the overall profit by the cost of the event and multiply by 100.

    To learn more about the metrics that you should be tracking for your online events, check out this infographic by FLOW.

    6 Key Metrics for Breakthrough Online Events
    Image Courtesy: FLOW

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