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Hidden Benefits of Visitor Management System for Retail Businesses

HomeTechnologyHidden Benefits of Visitor Management System for Retail Businesses

Businesses have many things they need to protect. These include employees, confidential information, or areas in their premises with restricted access. As a retail business, visitors come and go in your establishment every single day. Investing in a visitor management system ensures the safety and security of your business. It will function as an electronic “sign-up” book that is vital in monitoring and tracking both visitors and staff. Knowing this, what are the other hidden benefits of investing in one? Keep reading to learn more.

Efficiency in registering and signing in

Are you tired of seeing a queue in the lobby, with visitors manually writing their information before entering the establishment? Say goodbye to paper-based systems and hello to state-of-the-art scanners and software to register and sign in your visitors. Both your staff and the visitor will save time as a simple scan of an identification card will collect all the information needed to record their visit.

One-time registration means that returning visitors can sign-in faster. If you know that someone will be visiting, another feature is to pre-register ahead of time, bringing efficiency and convenience to both parties.


Sign-in logbooks don’t contain all the necessary information about a person. There are no photos, mistakes happen, and sometimes, people do not put true information about themselves. With an electronic system, visitor information is being scanned from a registered identification card. This will provide accurate photo and data about the visitor.

Visibility and Accountability

All the scanned details of your visitors will be stored in a computer database.  You can search and retrieve data at any time you need to. These reports may become necessary for instances when you need to know who is in your establishment at a specific time. Footage from your CCTV cameras will help you identify these visitors and personnel as well.

Picture a situation where a person is threatening to sue because he got injured by falling off the stairs inside your property. A quick search showing whether he visited on the day he was claiming to be injured will help you settle this situation.

Another example is when an earthquake or similar emergencies happen. Instead of panicking and looking through a handwritten document, you can easily search your database. You can track who still needs to be evacuated because your system shows the people that were supposed to be inside at that time.

Professional Impression and Customer Satisfaction

Humans are visual creatures in nature. That is why first impressions are important. As a business, what your building looks like will strike either a good or bad impression on your visitors. Placing a visitor management system at the entrance will display security and professionalism. Your staff will also be encouraged to accommodate your visitors more efficiently because this is usually the first interaction you will have with your visitors. By seeing these, your visitors will have a better sense of safety.

In turn, they will be more mindful of their behavior while inside the premises. As a bonus, potential visitors will be attracted to entering the premises because seeing the system on the entrance will make them think highly of your establishment.

Visual Deterrent to Troublemakers 

Safety and security are the main reasons to install a visitor management system. A quick search in the database can immediately identify visitors that caused trouble in the past. To prevent people with bad intentions from entering, this system can serve as a visual deterrent.

A troublemaker would be deterred when he sees a security guard carrying a gun in front of a bank. A visitor management system acts in the same way. Knowing that their identification and photo would be taken would stop them from entering the premises. If some troublemakers still push through, they would be quickly identified and tracked.


Choosing an automated system over a paper system of registering and monitoring visitors will save you money in the long run. In addition to saving the cost of paper and other materials that are used in manual registration, you can also save money from the prevention of costs relating to a breach of security.

Key Takeaway

As a retail business, it is essential to protect not just your people and property, but also your visitors. The paper-based system of sign-in is tedious and time-consuming both for the staff and the visitor. Investing in a good visitor management system will make your property safe and secure. It will provide not just enhanced security, but also efficiency, accuracy, accountability, professional impression, visual deterrence, and also save money. This will be better for your clients and the company in the long run.

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