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Renting A Commercial Premise In New Jersey? Read This First!

HomeBusinessRenting A Commercial Premise In New Jersey? Read This First!

A commercial lease agreement NJ outlines the obligations and responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant. The agreement allows the tenant to use the space for business and the landlord gets the rent. But it is a legally binding document, and it contains a lot of details. You should not think it as a standard agreement because if you do, you are going to open up the unplanned expenses that are not a part of the lease. Once it is signed, the tenant or lessee can go ahead and install the fixtures and other desired equipment that are needed to run the business and create the right environment.

As there are numerous risks involved in letting a stranger use the property for business, the landlords across the state will check the credibility of your business. The request is placed with the Secretary of the State’s office. It is common with the tenants requesting the long-term leases for 3 to 5 years.

When the tenants know that the landlord performs its due diligence, it deters the potential scammers from renting the premises. So what you are going to do ensure that the lease is right for your business.

Business Needs

Is the leased premise offers what you need? What is the area of the premises? To understand the liabilities and rights pertaining to the use of premises, you should check whether or not have to pay for the repair or maintenance costs. Further, you need to check the measurement and confirm whether they are taken from the exterior walls inwards or the interior walls.

Then you need to confirm with the landlord that any direct competitor will not set-up his shop next door. The other essential aspects that your business needs to include in the presence of parking space, garages, warehouses etc. Whether your business will need them, it entirely depends on the kind of businesses you are running.

Renewal Options

If that location is prime for your business, based on the reliability of your business, you must sign a lease if it comes with the option to renew the lease. When you are making discussions about the renewal terms or the lease agreement, you must discuss the financial aspect of the renewal. Do not wait until it is time to renew the lease and then you make the discussions about the money.
It helps you to benefit from excellent conditions. When your business is running well, you will inevitably not that the lease comes to an end. You may have to go for an expensive lease then. Keep in mind that the option to renew the lease gives you an economic advantage.

Responsibilities Financial

If a lease is appropriately written, it mentions all the financial obligations like the rent, extra expenses, and maintenance of the common area. If you are in the shopping center the percentage of rent payable.

The lease also outlines who will take care of the repairs and the maintenance of the HVAC systems. It also provides the details of who will take care of the roof, electrical and plumbing systems.

Before signing the lease, you should read the terms of the lease. Is it gross lease, triple, single or doubled lease which are part of the net lease or the percentage lease.

While the landlords will want the tenants to take full responsibility for defaulted payments, it is not a wise move from the tenant’s end.


When you are going for a commercial lease agreement in NJ, these are a few things that you should know before signing any lease agreement.

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Carlos Davis
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