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4 Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques For Business Success

HomeEducational4 Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques For Business Success

Let’s assume that you have now nailed down the search engine optimization aspect of your website.

You also have the right keywords, and your prospects are unearthing what they are looking for when they find your site in Google search results. You see a boost in your traffic, and then you think to yourself that your work is done, right?

The answer is NO.

What good is traffic when you cannot bring your visitors to hop on board within your sales funnel? This is where Conversion Rate Optimization comes into play handily.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a systematic approach wherein your efforts can lead to an increased percentage of people visiting your website and taking the desired actions, such as following the call to action. These actions could be purchasing a product, leaving their email address, responding to a survey or simply becoming a client.

The process involves understanding the actions your visitors are taking and finding out what is stopping them from completing your goals.

To help you get started with CRO, here are four (4) simple techniques that you can apply to your site.

Make your posts action-oriented

After posting a piece of content, the next step to take is to make sure that your readers will move down your sales funnel. The process should be simple and clear. Build great calls to action that can take your visitors to the next step.

They can either leave their email for future promos, download an eBook, or purchase your product. Incorporate action-oriented verbs and make sure that you set clear expectations of what your visitors can get when they click the CTA.

Get your page load time down

Your page’s load time is the average amount of time that the pages take for all elements including images to fully appear on the users’ end screens. If you do not shorten this average loading time, there is a great chance that you will lose potential conversions, as people are getting more and more impatient these days. The reason behind this is very plain and simple – nobody likes to wait.

Just as slow pages affect your SEO, it equally disrupts your conversion rate. If you do not take action now, your slow pages can lead to conversion loss and shopping cart abandonment. No business wants that to happen.

Add social media sharing icons

Everybody who reads some blogs recognizes what the social sharing icons are for. You see them everywhere, and many people click on them several times a day.

However, there are some subtle points when you have them on your website. These little icons are not just great for your SEO, they also affect your conversion. From a visitor’s standpoint, social icons are powerful trust signals for your business.

Trust is a critical factor in increasing your conversion rate. When your visitors see that your page is shared by people and that your social media accounts are followed by others, it heightens their trust in your business.

Add a secondary offer

Offering a choice before your visitors opt in is an excellent technique for achieving killer results.

Most people who have already clicked your CTA have built some level of trust in your site. This opens up an opportunity wherein you can either offer a freebie or ask the visitor to check your products or services.

You can also provide a secondary offer after they have downloaded an ebook of yours. Since their guard is already down and they have already got some trust in you, this is an excellent chance to present another offer to bring your visitors slightly lower within your sales funnel.

Most of the conversion rate optimization techniques follow the same pattern – you consider an element that could work, tweak it a few times on your site, test it, and continue to do more tests until you see satisfactory results. Conversion rate optimization works, but not all techniques will perform for every site.

As each specific business like yours is unique in its way, there are times that the techniques you want to try will be a little difficult to pull off. So consider these simple CRO tactics above and see if they yield impressive results. And they should.

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