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Emerging Technology Trends that will Change Hospitality Sector

HomeWellnessEmerging Technology Trends that will Change Hospitality Sector

Hospitality sector services have been revolutionized over the last few years and it changes the guest journeys and behaviors. With the essential role played by Software development firms, the Hospitality industries are making a tremendous digital impact in the market. Technological trends help hoteliers to streamline their processes and bring them closer to guest while optimizing operations, productivity, and revenue.

Many hotels investing in the latest innovation and advancement platform because these trends establish new standards of service, wow guests, and inspire long-term loyalty. Nowadays technological revolution has increased customer expectations and searches for convenience. According to the Oracle Hospitality survey, amongst hotel guests, 64% of guests in the U.S consider extremely important for the hotel to improve their guest experience by investing in hospitality technology. Hospitality technology changing the way hotels serve their guests.

Chatbots Assistance

Chatbots assistance allows you to interact with an AI via a chat interface and improve the customer experience. Chatbots helps guests to schedule room cleaning, asking for late check-in or check-out, or fruit basket before arrival. Chatbots help guests with answer questions throughout the entire traveler journey and provide uninterrupted service pathways but also help to reduce operational stress. Being emerged as a great solution, chatbots include deep learning and training strategies as well.

Smart Hotels

Smart technology measures the fluctuations in occupancy by using a smart sensor to check the room temperature. Hotels can use smart energy-management systems to optimize energy consumption in real-time because this system uses advanced algorithms that analyze historical temperatures and peak demand loads, as a result, it can reduce hotel energy costs by up to 20%.

Mobile Technology

As we all know we live in a mobile world and brands are largely determined within the mobile environment. With mobile technology, hoteliers can provide check-in/out to keyless room entry and utilization of a native hotel app. Mobile technology provides more flexible guest information, manage tasks and reporting, communicate with other departments. Not just that, the travelers can also make their payments digitally within seconds and book their desired rooms. They could also get benefitted from discounts, rewards from the apps while booking them through hotel apps. Mobile technology is a platform of benefits, especially for tourists. Stands like a best friend, mobile technology could provide you every single piece of information that you are in search of, without the need of asking someone.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology provides a list of encrypted digital records, where transactions are recorded anonymously and permanently. Blockchain has a potential influence on payment security and fraud protection within hotels. Blockchain technology eliminates third-party costs and encourages the direct provider to consumer interaction. Once you understand the Development life cycle of Blockchain, you’ll realize how strong the blockchain security is.

Cloud Services

Cloud offers IT infrastructure so that hotels don’t need to invest more in IT infrastructure, making cloud computing the ideal solution. Cloud also gives hotels to expand and adjust their IT needs along with business growth. Cloud removes the administrative burden of managing an IT system in-house. It overcomes the storage challenges faced while Enterprise application developments.

Online Reputation Management Technology

Online ratings of hotels help to predict future bookings and it also helps hotel owner gets review about how well a property delivered on guest expectations. This technology monitors online reviews, manage online reputation and use that feedback to improve their operational and guests experience standards.


We will see in the near future that hotel properties leveraging a variety of smart tech to reduce operational costs, improve guests’ experience, and exploit new sources of revenue. Technological advancement has given the power to guests to plan and book trips and its streamline services improve security, lower the operation costs, save time, and provide an overall great customer experience. Smart technology is changing the ways we live and the hospital industry is no exception. For this reason, Hospitality sector also making great efforts to create impeccable Mobile apps for attracting the new crowd through online and acquire more benefits.

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