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The Must-Have Tech You Need to be a Digital Nomad

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For many working professionals, remote work presents its own unique set of challenges. When you add travel into the equation, it becomes even more difficult to remain productive and successful with work. Digital nomads know this struggle all too well working remotely and continuously travelling all over the globe whilst doing so. You may regularly encounter poor internet connection, a scarcity of power outlets, noisy distractions, and other challenges working in various regions of the world. 

As a digital nomad, there are a lot of high-quality travel items you need to invest in for your adventures. But you also need to be prepared to work anywhere and prevent challenges from arising that can cost you time and money. That’s why we’ve put together a list of must-have tech you need as a digital nomad in 2022 to remain productive, prepared, and connected for your nomadic lifestyle.

Multi-Port USB-C Hub

An optimized workspace is imperative for digital nomads, especially when working in public spaces. A multi-port USB-C hub makes staying connected easy. Thanks to its ability to connect more peripherals to your laptop at the same time, you no longer have to ration which of your accessories and devices to connect. In addition to connecting peripherals needed for work, a USB hub helps easily transfer files between several storage drives, enables the charging of multiple devices, and helps optimize a tight public workspace. 

External Hard Drive

Digital nomads always need to take precautions with their tech. If your laptop gets stolen or you have unexpected issues with your original hard drive, that’s it: all of your important files are gone. An external hard drive provides a place to offload your work, back up work files, and save your travel memories. It is a practical safeguard and replacement drive for all digital nomads to bring with them to keep their data secure. Though primarily used for storage, you can also use your external hard drive for faster data sharing, secure storage for sensitive data, and even an emergency boot drive. They can also be accessed at any time, even during internet outages.

Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Being stuck without an internet connection when you’re trying to get work done is one of the worst situations a digital nomad can find themselves in. Though internet usage is growing worldwide and many public spaces have WiFi, connection can be unreliable. Others are without WiFi at all. Bringing a mobile WiFi hotspot helps prevent this issue from occurring. No matter where you are on your travels, a mobile hotspot enables a reliable WiFi connection so you can work without unexpected interruptions.

Having a mobile hotspot is also valuable for security. When working with sensitive data, public WiFi can be a security hazard. A mobile WiFi hotspot ensures a safe, private connection for a digital nomad to have access to when needed.

Lightweight Laptop

Arguably the most important tool for a digital nomad is a reliable laptop. It should be both powerful and reliable for work in any location around the globe. You never want to find yourself in a situation in which your laptop has problems and you’re unable to work. Digital nomads should also ensure that their laptop is lightweight for easier travel and to reduce weight added to a backpack or luggage.

Bluetooth Mouse

Whilst laptops have their own trackpads, they can become tiring for your hand when used for longer periods of time. An external mouse or trackpad is more comfortable for the long-term, supporting your productivity. Digital nomads should opt for a dependable, ergonomic bluetooth mouse. A bluetooth mouse helps save a USB port for other peripherals and eliminates the space taken in a bag for the cord or adapter for a traditional mouse. The less space taken in a bag for a digital nomad, the better. 

Noise-Cancelling Headphones


As a digital nomad, noise distractions are unavoidable. Background noise on planes, crowded buses, and busy cafes and public workspaces can make concentrating on work and other tasks challenging. One of the most effective ways to block out the distractions is a quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones. In addition to muting the loud engine sounds of trains and planes, they help isolate you from general background noise, which is especially helpful when working in a public space. Perfect for video work calls, long flights, and productivity in busy cafes, noise-cancelling headphones are a must for digital nomads.

Universal Travel Power Adapter

Different countries and regions around the world have different outlet types in use. As such, it is essential to pack a universal travel adapter to keep using your tech. They can often be difficult to find when you reach your destination, preventing you from working or charging your devices when you need them most. Digital nomads should be protected and prepared for each destination, making an adapter indispensable to bring on the road. 

Dependable Power Bank

Have you ever briefly lost your charger or been without a charge on your phone in public? It’s a stressful situation. That feeling is even worse as a digital nomad without a charged device in an unfamiliar city abroad. Possessing a lightweight, portable power bank is a handy tool to have on-the-go to keep digital nomads connected to their phones and travel apps during times that you might not have an outlet. Power banks can vary significantly in weight, size, and power. Digital nomads may want a powerful, lightweight model that can charge all of their tech and does not add too much excess weight to their bag. 

As a digital nomad, having the right tech with you as you travel is crucial. You need to remain connected and protected so you can get your work done anywhere in the world, at any time. Packing these essential tech items in your bag can make a significant difference in preventing the challenges that come with being a digital nomad and for ensuring your productivity. So go out on your next adventure, confident you’ve got everything you need!

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