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What makes a good Espresso? A discussion!

HomeWellnessWhat makes a good Espresso? A discussion!

How do you make a really good espresso and how do you know that such a masterpiece of coffee art is in front of you? Of course, the saying goes that there is no arguing about taste. Nevertheless, we have summarized a few tips for you to help you recognize a good espresso.

The eye also drinks – visual evidence of a good espresso

You will find the first signs when you take a close look at the espresso. The espresso should have a 2 to 3 mm high and dense crema that has a beautiful, hazelnut-like color. An inferior espresso can be recognized by its light, light foam with large air bubbles – in this case, the specialist speaks of under-extraction. But the other extreme is also possible, namely when the foam is very dark. Then the espresso is over-extracted. The ultimate test: sprinkle sugar on the crema. If the sugar sinks slowly and then the crema forms again, you have a good espresso in front of you.

Hmmm … taste!

Now comes the taste test for a good espresso: the taste of the coffee should be characterized by its strength and richness. The taste is aromatic, full-bodied, slightly sweet on the tongue and smells long in the nose. The aroma typical of espresso, which is created by the roasting process, accompanies the connoisseur from the first sip to the last sip.

You can also taste nuances of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla or cocoa from an exquisite espresso. Even citrus or fruit flavors are possible and make a high-quality espresso so special.

What temperature and grind can tell us

In any case, the espresso should be served and drunk hot and not below 79 ° C. Only in this way can the various flavors and aromas develop optimally. And since it looks weird to sit with a thermometer in front of your espresso cup in a café, you can only get a feel for the right temperature through experience. Incidentally, the professional drinks his espresso with two to three small sips in quick succession.

The grind of the beans can also tell us about the quality of an espresso: under no circumstances should the powder be too coarse, as it only comes into brief contact with the hot water. The taste must be able to develop in this short time.

Are you now a professional and would like to prepare a good espresso at home? With an espresso machine, the Italian specialty coffee can easily prepare at home.

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