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Ship safely and in style with Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes and Packaging

HomeStoriesShip safely and in style with Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes and Packaging

If quality is your motto and you wish to pass it on effectively then these boxes provide a worthwhile opportunity to increase your prominence among peers in the market.

Creating a firm standing in the market

How many times have you ordered something and have been disappointed with the shipment? Even if the product ordered does meet expectations, it’s handling sometimes ruins the items inside which creates a hassle for the receiving customers and the sellers alike. Customers experience a wastage of time in getting a replacement and sellers witness an increase in replacement costs.

When packaging was first introduced, it aimed to reduce the damage to the products and allow for an effective transportation process. However, from the generic packaging boxes that merely held the products inside, packaging has seen a vast evolution both in its production and usage. Corrugated stock has been instrumental in changing the landscape of the shipment business. The corrugated paperboard is made with rows of paper columns called fluting. This layer contains rows of air pockets that provide additional protective cushioning to the products packaged inside. The layer of fluting and liners combined make these boxes stronger than cardboard boxes.


What went on BTS?

The corrugated stock came into existence many years back, around the 1800s, in England when it was used as a liner for hats. By 1871, these boxes were patent and used for shipping and handling materials. Finally, in 1895, these boxes traveled all the way to the U.S. and started being produced in large quantities. Gradually by the early 1900s, they took over the shipping industry and effectively replaced wooden crates and paperboard boxes to become the most utilized packaging material for the transport of goods. Custom corrugated boxes and packaging saw particularly explosive growth in the postwar economic boom of the 1950s. America’s food producers needed to feed a rapidly expanding population, and such packaging gave them the tools to create food packaging that survived cross-country shipping. It played a big role in the expansion of the American supermarket and the ability to ship fresh produce over long distances. But its biggest role yet was still another half-century down the line. These boxes gained rapid popularity due to various factors:

  • Paper recyclers call used corrugated boxes “old corrugated containers” or “OCC.”
  • More than 95% of all products in the United States are shipped in corrugated boxes.
  • Corrugated paperboard accounts for more than half of all the paper recycled in the US.
  • Special die-cut shapes have almost endless designs and use. We print die-cut boxes in different colors.
  • Flexibility in being crafted in any shape and size while weighing less than average containers.
  • Inclusion of numerous custom accessories like ribbons & handles, hang tab, window cutouts, and many others.
  • Allows effective promotions through customizable brand logo and name. These can be highlighted through embossing, foil stamping, and debossing features.
  • Falls conveniently in planned costs and budgets.
  • Can be produced in varying styles such as:
  • One Piece Mailers
  • Pizza Style Boxes
  • Display Boxes
  • Kraft Corrugated Packaging

Today, one cannot imagine the shipping docks lined with any other material other than corrugated stock. Such packages have proven their worth in transporting products along long routes securely and in a cost-effective manner.

The modern relevance of these boxes

The start-up and explosion in e-commerce, specifically, has contributed to the immense usage of these boxes. Online trading called for an excessive need for secure packaging that lasted the duration of shipment and handling with ease and efficiency. Millions of boxes are shipped every year around the world and without custom corrugated boxes and packaging, this feat couldn’t have been achieved.  Many businesses are now seeking to create improvements in these packaging boxes efficiency and both Amazon and Target are now pouring research funds into improving their box designs. So, of all the great qualities of these boxes, this might be the greatest: its ability to be radically reinvented and adapted according to the needs of individual markets and businesses.

The insane number of competitors in all industries has opened new doors for investors as well as media outlets to promote the brand. These boxes are extensively used as powerful banding tools that let the customers become increasingly aware of the brand’s functions and identity. The packaging boxes can be designed in any personalized manner showcasing the brand’s personality to target customers. Such packaging is used by all major industries, boosting the demand for such boxes to new heights.

Food – It has been proven that corrugated paperboard prevents bacterial infections in food. These boxes were also found to hold fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

Textiles – All kinds of clothing can be safely transported using these boxes without the risk of them getting damaged and torn easily.

Electronics – these items are mostly fragile and require strong packaging to transport them to customers in the original form. The corrugated stock helps to prevent harm by absorbing shocks along the route.

Healthcare – These boxes naturally maintain temperature, aiding medicines and healthcare supplies to reach their destinations soundly.

Office supplies – all office stationery and equipment can be aptly stored in these boxes and kept in an organized fashion without taking up much space in storage rooms.

Logistics – every type of moving items can be conveniently placed in these boxes and taken to multiple locations. Whether it’s relocation, courier, or industrial transport, all can be handled well with these packaging boxes.

What next?

The future of corrugated stock is only positive and due to increased e-trading, manufacturers extensively choose these boxes over the other choices available. The immense benefits these boxes provide fuels the rise in their popularity. We might not have invented these boxes but surely lead the market in making them function better by incorporating enhanced features. Our 24/7 helpline and customer service agents are happy to resolve all your designing and production queries. So, don’t hold back and order in as much quantity as you wish!

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