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The Future of React Development: Trends to Watch

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As we are living in the digital era, it becomes a necessity for us to stay updated and embrace technological innovation at par with excellence.

The integration of app development has indeed brought us to an axis point where we all can access any service with just a tap on our smartphone. 

In other words, the apps have reduced the distance between people and services across the geographies.

However, with the constant updates in the technology, React is also going through some revolutionary changes and the credit ball goes to the new trends that are going to redefine the way apps are developed in 2024 and beyond.

To help you glean insights about such incredible react development trends, we have brought you this post today to help you navigate through them…let’s explore ahead!

AR and VR

The popularity of these two advanced technologies is no longer hidden from anyone and implementing these two in the React apps is a cherry on the top.

It is expected that in 2024, these two advanced technologies will be integrated into React apps, providing an immersive user experience for both customers and businesses.

In this realm, React 360 is being integrated to build VR applications. 

Here developers can envisage creative environments that have the potential to captivate the users with their improved functioning at large.

Real-time Features 

Our world has grown closer in proximity and this all has been possible with the real-time updates we receive about the services around us.

Indeed, the burgeoning demand for real-time features, such as live updates, notifications, and collaboration is evident to all of us. And to address this demand, real-time apps with React are bringing a unique solution.

Using this trend, developers can build apps that offer the latest and real-time information from the ground zero enabling stakeholders to make smart decisions even from remote locations.

Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is the talk in the React.js development. 

Using this architecture, developers can build app solutions that are not just cost-effective but also have the potential for immense scalability to grow as per the demand.

Developers get the opportunity to build and run applications and feel not worried about the server infrastructure leading to reduced cost and development timeframe using React.js development services.

Performance optimizations

Performance optimization in React apps is not a fad but a necessity that needs to be implemented to make app development as smooth as possible.

There are different types of techniques that are being implemented in React development to improve app performance, such as code splitting, lazy loading, and memorization.

This all in total ensures to enhance the app development speed and performance of the react apps.


Well, in the development world, everyone is well aware of TypeScript, which is a popular superset of JavaScript.

It includes static typing and other features of the language and is widely used by developers as it helps them to identify errors much earlier to improve the code structure and maintain it sacrosanct.

At the same time, it should not be missed mentioning that React.js development is no longer a long-forgotten technology, rather to improve its functionality it is being evolved with new trends and so developers continue using it to build innovative solutions for different business solutions.

ESLint Plugin

This plugin is all about ensuring that developers manage the consistency in the coding and improve code quality exponentially.

Developers use this plugin to identify anomalies in the coding environment and integrate best practices to improve code quality and maintainability. 

Indeed, using this plugin developers can ensure to build high-quality and high-performing apps that suit different business objectives.

Suspense for Data Fetching

It sounds directly from the 007 movie franchise, but here we are talking about the React Suspense for Data Fetching.

This technology simplifies the asynchronous data fetching management leading to handling load states and rendering without any performance issues.

Developers can utilize this feature to manage asynchronous data fetching and error handling, which further results in mitigating boilerplate code.

By combining these aspects developers can build seamless apps that display loading states offer better control over UI rendering and improve the user experience.

JSX Advancements

It is a declarative syntax used in React and has been improved at a larger scale. It consists of different features such as conditional rendering without ternaries and enhanced support for fragments.

Using these all components it becomes easier for the developers to write apps in a succinct, expressive way with a more readability factor. 

With such an extensive set of improvements, it becomes easier for the developers to simplify component composition and build a much cleaner code for efficient app development.

Concurrent Mode

The concurrent mode has garnered the attention of the developers with its incredible set of features and functionalities.

This mode is all about making React applications more responsive while maintaining a seamless user experience.

It ensures to create a smooth transition phase for the developers even when they are struggling with resource-intensive development tasks, as it allows developers to work concurrently on multiple tasks.

They can easily prioritize user interactions and render any updates, which removes the clutter of unnecessary UI freezes.

Consequently, a high-performing app comes into existence that not only improves the user experience but engages the users incredibly.

Developer Tools

React technology has the sole purpose to break down the silos of development with the efficient set of tools and this will be in continuation in the years ahead.

Leveraging these upgraded tools, developers can easily debug the apps and identify and address challenges that are hindering the app’s performance.

As a consequence, developers can reduce debug time, and expedite development time with faster time-to-market for the apps, regardless of their size and complexity level.

GraphQL Integration

If you are not aware of GraphQL, then it is a query language for APIs. 

Over the years this has gained immense worth in the development world, enabling developers to fetch and manage data without facing any hurdles at all.

As a result, developers can build fast and optimized applications that serve business purposes efficiently.

It is expected that in 2024 and beyond the seamless harmony created with React.js and GraphQL will result in flexibility in data fetching with more flexibility to build modern web apps.

State Management

As we all know state management has been a vital part of the React.js development, and it will continue creating a stir in the market in the years to come.

There is a constant upgrade that is expected in terms of state management libraries and patterns, which will focus extensively on the intuitive and optimized performance of the app.

This will ease the woes of developing large enterprise apps that are data-intensive to meet specific business objectives.


Using WebAssembly (Wasm) developers can run code that is written specifically in languages like C and C++ with native experience.

It is expected that in 2024 the WebAssembly integration will open a plethora of opportunities for developers to build more complex and resource-intensive apps without falling for the nuisance of the intrinsic development process.

The Bottomline

React is a promising framework enabling developers to utilize multiple benefits to build app solutions. Here the integration of aforementioned trends can amplify the app development to a new level.

Businesses must Hire reactjs developers invest heavily in React app development and implement these trends to get an edge over the growing competition.

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