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Best States to Raise a Family this Year

HomeWellnessBest States to Raise a Family this Year

Let us ask you a question. What makes a place family-friendly? Is it the overall quality of life? The quality of public schooling? What about your family’s safety? Low crime rates?. Now, you’ll rarely see these specifics appearing independent of each other. For example, you’ll rarely see a place with good public schooling and high crime rates. The two things just don’t go together. So, are you wondering what the best states to raise a family in 2022 are? We are happy to show you the first ten on the list of best family-friendly states. Stay tuned!

#1 Massachusetts

Talk about life in Massachusetts. Can you guess the song where that line came from? Of course, it’s Bee Gees, and their 1968 hit Massachusetts. There are some excellent reasons why someone would name a song after this beautiful state. Fantastic public and high education (which results in the fact Massachusetts probably has the most educated populace in the US. Low crime and infant mortality rates make this state the best place for US families in 2022. And it’s not like this happened all of a sudden. Massachusetts has held the first spot for the past two decades.

#2 Minnesota

Home to the famous Timberwolves, Minnesota will provide a safe refuge for families looking for a place to call their own, away from the harsh reality of the urban environment. During the past decade, Minnesota rose to become the second-best family-friendly state. Wondering why that’s so? You’ll want to know that this state has the highest median family income of fantastic $93 584. Low divorce and family-in-poverty rates also speak for themselves, don’t they? These are all crucial factors to consider when buying your first family home. Anyway, if you’re looking for a place to settle in the great American Midwest – Minnesota might be the ideal solution for you and your loved ones.

#3 North Dakota

You can’t go wrong with North Dakota – it is an undeniable fact. Before making a decision on where to move, one needs to compare different places in terms of their quality of life. And, North Dakota scores significantly on the overall quality of life chart (wealth, employment, environmental issues, etc.). 

So, where does North Dakota stand when it comes to affordable housing? It ranks third; the average rent for a two-bedroom family apartment is about $770, which is really cheap if you compare this statistic to the other part of the US. Also, this state has the second-lowest separation and divorce rates, which makes it a go-to place for many US families. 

#4 New York

This beautiful US state is considered the fourth on the list of best states to raise a family in 2022. Spanning all the way from Buffalo to the NYC, New York’s got everything an adventurous family person would want (we’re talking fantastic natural landscapes or the busy everyday life of urban settlements). While you might want to skip NYC as the place where you’ll raise a family, New York’s got many cute tiny communities to offer besides this not-s-family-friendly megalopolis. There’s a slight downside, though: New York ranks 47th in Socio-economics; it has one of the lowest family income rates, and its poverty rates aren’t so pleasing also.

#5 Vermont

Next on our list of the best family-friendly states in 2022 is Vermont. This state has one of the lowest crime rates per capita (we’re talking about 1.7 incidents per thousand people). Now, isn’t that something? Your family’s safety should be one of your top priorities. You might ask: safety’s alright, but what about healthcare? Vermont’s considered the country’s healthiest state.

Additionally, it’s on the top of the public health funding chart with $157 per person. If you’re a fan of peaceful, all-American, suburban family life (and who isn’t?), we are sure you will find Vermont as the state of your dreams. Also, we’ve seen an influx of many US families moving to Vermont in the past couple of years. It is a part of the whole back-to-simple-family-life movement, as the guys at Best Long Distance Movers tell us. Since they are pretty used to arranging family-style, long-distance relocations, there’s no reason not to trust them on this one.

#6 New Hampshire

Is privacy a big concern to you? If that is so, you will enjoy this beautiful US state. You probably heard before that it is the state which enabled J.D. Salinger to enjoy some peace and quiet, away from the press and nosy fans. A part of the original 13 US states, NH has always enjoyed quite a reputation. Most notably: for its great outdoor environment. You won’t have a single issue picking out where to go camping family-style on weekends or holidays. Also, most communities in NH aren’t so populated. It mainly consists of your typical Smalltown, USA settlements. If you’re looking for a state to raise a family and, eventually, retire, New Hampshire should definitely hold a solid place inside your mind.

#7 New Jersey

So, we’ve talked about New Hampshire being a smalltown-oriented state with some fantastic outdoor scenery. Wait ’till you hear a thing or two about Jersey. In NJ, one of the best states to raise a family in 2022, you are always a short ride away from some sweet campgrounds or fantastic historical monuments. You will get to arrange good old’ family-style history tours. Needless to say, kids always learn the best outside of the classroom. Anyway, New Jersey has one of the best public healthcare systems in the US. Also, your kids will get to choose from various colleges (including those that don’t need a special introduction, such as Princeton). Excellent public schools will prepare them for adulthood in the best possible manner.

#8 Washington

Ah, the great Pacific Northwest. A setting for many stories, like the ones written by Raymond Carver. However, the actual quality of life has changed a bit since he wrote them. Don’t think the state’s full of downright alcoholic couples or something. Imagine taking your kids along on a music tour through Seattle and the surrounding area (probably the most important region when we’re talking 90s alternative music). Also, renting a house on the coast for a weekend family getaway is one of the great vacation ideas. It will give you a chance to teach your little ones some practical life philosophy (there is nothing like staring into the ocean and tackling some important topic).

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