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COVID-19: A Perfect High Tide Of Digitalisation

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“A ship in the harbor is protected, however, that isn’t what ships and boats are built for,” saw that sage nineteenth-century philosopher William Shedd, Technology of high potential is of little worth if the potential isn’t exploited. As the state of 2020 is progressively characterized by the Covid19 pandemic, digitalization resembles a ship stacked with technological innovation that has a colossal limit with regards to changing humanity’s battle against the irresistible disease.

However, it is as yet secured securely in the harbor. Rather than cruising valiantly into a fight, it stays at the dockside, cringing from the tempest beyond the backwaters. Web Designers and engineers continually adjust it, and its officials and deckhands wonderful their working techniques, yet that guarantee are unfulfilled, limited by the reluctance and uncertainty of officialdom. Out there, the oceans of the pandemic are fierce and strange, and it is difficult to know ahead of time everything of different risks that may sneak past those overcast skylines.

In any case, the more respectable course is for requests to be given to finish the arrangements, to push off and set sail, and to join different vessels maintained by courageous health care workers and eager researchers, as of now profoundly occupied with a salvage mission for the entirety of humankind. It is the predetermination of digitalization to explore those seas close by different individuals from that team, and the hour of fate has shown up. This article focuses on the likely empowering influences and proposal to expand learnings during the era of COVID-19.

After an underlying hiccup, the business world has started gaining by the behavioral changes of buyers due to the Covid19 pandemic, utilizing it completely for their potential benefit. The behavioral changes of customer it is because of the pandemic and the most recent advancements in digitalization numerous organizations with a chance that should not be taken lightly to develop and flourish.

From new businesses to set up organizations, an association of all sizes is hoping to catch this occasion to oblige individuals through computerized digital platforms in these troublesome occasions. For instance, mobile app development that has sprung up during the pandemic is filling in as a rescuer and a truly necessary companion in the midst of lockdowns and social avoidance.

With various on-demand applications, individuals can meet their basic necessities and keep their calm in these inexorably testing times. Individuals’ tendency towards the mobile app development services prospects that have arisen during the pandemic persuades that COVID-19 has set off another rush of digitalization.

This storm of digitalization, alongside the continuous improvements and advancements in the application development industry, has saved us from self-destructing. Mobile applications have basically helped keep everybody’s timetable flawless, as customer behaviors, buying behavior, and methods of mingling and working are going through huge change because of the continuous interruption.

With Mobile applications being accessible to everybody, individuals have had the option to conform to this new normal. The expanding digitalization empowered by cell phones and mobile applications has permitted us to make this change utilizing mediums, for example, messaging, online banking, medical care, online retail, dating, digital payments, gaming, and online learning applications. So, Mobile applications are more popular than any other time because of the severe conditions of lockdown, shutdown, and isolation.

In this article, we have examined all how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the application development industry from the effect on the shopper and business mobile application ubiquity to the major applications being utilized during the pandemic remembering the effect for the mobile utilization and that’s just the beginning.

Covid19 Impacts on Popularity of Mobile applications

For specific organizations that are reliant on an in-person workforce and that direct their business similarly, the ‘social avoidance’ wonder is a disastrous event. And afterward, others see it as an open opportunity for exponential development and the making of new business lines.

As the bend of Covid19 diseases has begun to move upwards, whole associations have begun moving to distant tasks. Numerous areas, including retail the travel industry, and air travel have significantly modified their plans of action to moderate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coming up next are a few statistics from Apptopia – an organization that gives data and insight identified with application development—that show the effect of COVID-19 on application usage and download across different enterprises.

1. Food and Drink 

While the retail segment has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, the effect is relaxed by the delivery service options. Downloads of delivery applications for U.S. markets, just as, grocery stores, home items, have generously expanded.

Three significant instances of this are Shipt, Walmart Grocery, and Instacart that have experience 124%, 160%, and 218% expansion in normal every-day downloads separately. Target has just seen an expansion in the daily downloads of its application. Coming up next are a few insights demonstrating the development in application downloads of organizations offering food, drink, and other basic things of everyday use.

Despite the fact that the diagram above covers the period from Jan 22 to March 20 in the United States, the real tallying of the day by day downloads of the Walmart Grocery, Instacart, and Ship staple convey applications start from Feb 1 when the all outnumber of Covid cases in the U.S was only 8.

From the above info, we have found that, on Feb 1, 2020, when the total Covids cases were under ten, 5648 downloads of the Shipt application were made. Around the same time, we saw 12, 312 downloads of the Instacart application, and 26,046 downloads of the Walmart Grocery application.

A month and a half later this number has expanded radically. On March 20, when the all outnumber of COVID-19 cases in the U.S had surpassed 15000, the all-out downloads of the Shipt application were more than 10,000. Instacart and Walmart Grocery encountered a significantly greater increment, with 53,292 and 76,823 downloads on March 20 individually.

Notwithstanding Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt, Target additionally saw an expansion in the everyday downloads of its mobile application.

On Feb 1, 27,188 downloads of the mobile application were made. A month and a half later, this had expanded altogether. On March 15, the absolute downloads made of the target mobile application were an amazing 53,150.

What does the above show? It shows that the COVID-19 pandemic has moved numerous individuals who recently favored shopping face to face to download portable applications of staple conveyance administrations to have food, drink, and different basics conveyed to their doorstep. This pattern is simply going to increment in the coming months and years.

It demonstrates that the number of individuals downloading food delivery applications in the U.S is in transit up. The variances in everyday downloads are there because of outside variables, for example, workdays, a countrywide occasion, more slow organizations, and so forth that might be causing a lower number of downloads on explicit days.

2. Travel 

As envisioned, with forbiddances on travel forced by governments, the business has quickly contracted inside the movement business — including lodgings, online travel services ( OTAs), carriers, among others—and is repeating in the application download and visit details gave by Apptopia.

It delineates the application downloads universally and in the United States between Feb 1 and March 20, 2020. On Feb 1, the total number of application downloads of the main 10 aircraft in the U.S was 75,496. This crested to 86,980 on Feb 22 when the total number of Covid cases in the U.S was moderately low. From that point, it kept on diminishing prior to encountering another spike on March 13 when the absolute number of downloads expanded to 86,106 which was essentially higher than the number on March 4 when application downloads of the best 10 aircraft hit absolute bottom, recording just 69,446 downloads.

However, Airline application downloads began declining again after March 13 and had diminished to 77,022 on March 20. A similar pattern was seen around the world too. On Feb 1, the complete number of application downloads of the main 10 carriers worldwide was 200,186. This crested at 203,879 on Feb 22.

It kept on diminishing from that point prior to encountering another spike on March 13 when the complete number of downloads expanded to 194,894 which was essentially higher than the number on March 4 when application downloads of the main 10 aircraft hit absolute bottom, recording just 178,128 downloads. Like in the U.S, the aircraft application downloads began declining internationally after March 13 and had diminished to 176,389 on March 20.

In the U.S, the airlines that have endured the most because of this change in-application downloads incorporate American Airlines and Ryanair.

We have found on Feb 1, the complete number of downloads of the American Airlines mobile application was 18,280. This topped at 21,998 on Feb 10. It kept on diminishing from that point prior to encountering another spike on March 8 when the complete number of downloads expanded to 21,876 which was essentially higher than the number on March 4 when application downloads of American Airlines hit absolute bottom, recording just 17,041 downloads. Be that as it may, the versatile downloads of American Airlines began declining again after March 8 and had diminished to 17,693 on March 20

The other aircraft that had endured the most as far as mobile downloads because of the COVID-19 pandemic is Ryanair. On Feb 1, the total number of downloads of the Ryanair mobile application was 1040. This diminished to 1027 on Feb 7. It kept on diminishing from that point prior to encountering another spike on Feb 21 when the absolute number of downloads expanded to 1009, which was significantly higher than the number on Feb 19 when application downloads of Ryanair hit absolute bottom, recording just 789 downloads. In any case, the versatile downloads of Ryanair began declining again after March 8 and had diminished to 312 on March 20

The Major Apps Being Used During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Organizations in numerous businesses have been compelled to close down because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The misfortunes brought about by the fashion, the travel industry, construction, manufacturing, and assembling ventures since the episode of the COVID-19 pandemic have constrained numerous organizations to a large portion of their activities while making others shut down forever.

Luckily for the mobile app development company and independent application designers, the software/IT industry in general and the application development industry, specifically, have not been affected a lot by the COVID-19 pandemic. Truth be told, in numerous regions, there has been an expansion sought after for mobile applications since the flare-up of the Covid pandemic. So, the application development industry is encountering feed days and this will proceed in any event until an antibody for COVID-19 is found.

1. eCommerce Apps 

E-Commerce development apps like shopping applications and basic food item delivery applications are progressively downloaded and utilized. Today, these applications are utilized to advantageously purchase nourishments, natural products, bites, apparel, and different things found in a market, supermarket, or shopping center. Indeed, in certain nations, the public authority has dispatched eCommerce to address its residents’ issues.

2. Entertainment and social media apps 

During the current pandemic, social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are assuming a greater job in individuals’ lives than they did before its flare-up. The vast majority spent a decent piece of their day on these social platforms even before the principal instance of Covid was accounted for. Notwithstanding, new examination shows that the popularity of social media applications has expanded altogether during lockdowns across the globe and they are the most utilized sort of application today.

From kids to the old, everybody’s utilizing social media and entertainment applications to watch interesting videos, images, cooking channels, cites, moving stories, while delivering and offering their contemplations to other people. So, social media and entertainment applications are kept everybody peppy during the COVID-19 authorized lockdown and social detachment, which is expanding their prominence and use.

3. Medical care App 

Health care apps are quite possibly the most downloaded applications since the episode of the Covid pandemic. While it is unbelievably hard to get a medical checkup during the current pandemic circumstance, connecting with a specialist on the web and getting significant proposals from them has never been simpler.

Furthermore, you at this point don’t have to visit a medical store truly to purchase medicines or clinical packs as you can undoubtedly arrange them and get them delivered to your home without escaping your bed. This is made conceivable by mHealth applications.

4. E-Learning Apps 

Education applications are likewise encountering an expansion in their prevalence and use during the current pandemic. A few schools and universities have made it compulsory for understudies to learn through chosen e-learning applications. Moreover, numerous instructors are speaking with and training their understudies through applications planned explicitly for the schooling business.

This is permitting numerous instructive platform to encounter a significant expansion in the utilization of their applications. An illustration of this is the Bangalore-based organization BYJU’s that gives web-based coaching and instructive innovation. After the episode of COVID-19, the organization began offering free live classes on its Think and Learn application. This has assisted BYJU’s with accomplishing a 200% expansion in the number of understudies utilizing its application.

5. Food Delivery Apps 

With dine-in at eateries not, at this point permitted in the vast majority of the nations, individuals are taking a gander at the most ideal choices for takeaways and delivery. Since there is a danger of contracting Covid while getting a takeaway request notwithstanding the burden of making the outing to get the request, a great many people like to have their food delivered to them at home. This is extraordinary information for food delivery services and those that work in the development of applications for this area.

The Covid pandemic has just begun to positively affect food delivery applications. As per the NPD gathering, after the first Covid case was affirmed in China, food conveyances developed by 20% during January. This has just expanded from that point forward and the equivalent is being seen in numerous different nations of the world.


In this research-based article, we talked about the effect of COVID-19 on the mobile app development company, remembering the effect of the pandemic for the fame of shoppers and business mobile applications, and the major applications being utilized during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We talked about the effect of COVID-19 on application utilization and download across different ventures, remembering the effect for food and drink, travel, news, and work environment visit applications. We additionally examined the kind of applications that have been progressively downloaded and utilized since the episode of the Covid pandemic. The entirety of the data gave above depends on careful exploration which makes it solid.

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Asmita Mishra.
Asmita Mishra is a Sr. Content Writer at Beyond Key, a Microsoft Gold Partner Company. With a passion for technology, Asmita loves to read and stay updated with the latest technology trends. She excels in crafting both technical and non-technical content. Her writing style is known for its clarity and simplicity, making complex subjects easy to grasp for readers.


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