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Alternatives to a Single-Family Home Investing

HomeBusinessAlternatives to a Single-Family Home Investing

Real estate is commonly considered to be one of the better ways to build wealth. Everyone needs to live somewhere, which means it’s often one of the more stable sources of income you can have. While there are benefits to investing in single-family homes, it’s not the best option for everyone. Some alternatives may be more in line with what you’re after as an investor.


Apartments offer real estate investors a much larger degree of opportunity when it comes to building wealth. They also provide a lot more income stability. Because you own more units, it’s a lot less impactful if one or two are vacant than it is if you’re struggling to find a tenant for your single-family home investment. Of course, there is a fairly steep cost to breaking into apartment investing, but if you find a good property you should be able to make up for that easily enough. You should look to a real estate agent that specializes in this sector when searching for apartments to buy. They can help you find quality properties that suit your needs and avoid those that would otherwise harm your investment strategy.

Commercial Property

While apartments are technically considered to be commercial property, there are other types of commercial properties worth discussing as well. The buildings businesses operate out of are all owned by someone. In many cases, that someone isn’t the business. Businesses often rent out the property they operate out of. While there are a variety of factors determining rental prices, they’re usually going to be more than you would be charging to rent a single-family home. With greater earning potential, it’s well worth considering investing in this form of commercial real estate.

Multi-Family Units

If you aren’t quite ready to jump into apartments or commercial properties, but still want to move up from single-family homes, multi-family units can be a good middle ground to start with. Duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes offer investors a taste of what apartment investing could be like. You’ll have more tenants to manage and more spaces to fill than the single-family home, but that translates to a smaller degree of the greater stability and income that apartment investing offers. You may find you are still able to handle typical property management responsibilities yourself, but if not you may need to start looking into hiring someone to do it for you.

Alternatives to investing in single-family homes can offer investors a new level of opportunity when it comes to building wealth. Apartments, commercial properties, and multi-family units can all provide a greater degree of stability than single-family homes. There is a greater cost to pay to break into this arena of real estate investing, but the corresponding increase in income potential can make it worth the price.

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