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Essentials of Online Marketing for Your Website this Year

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Right off the bat, your online marketing strategy should comprise paid as well as organic marketing tactics.

While organic marketing helps justify your existence, authority and trust in the eyes of search engines, paid marketing will accelerate your reach and maximize lead generation.

In addition to this, you’ll also need to incorporate social media marketing in your strategy. It’s foolhardy to underestimate the importance of social media platforms due to the amount of traffic they handle at every moment. As per statistics, billions of users spend more time on social platforms than they do anywhere else.

Hiring marketers without knowing how to assess campaigns can lead to scams and frauds as well. That’s why we recommend working with professionals like Zoom Digital. Their experts have helped put together this strategy guide for websites this year.

So, let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do in detail:

Spend Time on Interface

Before you even think of beginning your marketing, make sure that your landing pages are fully optimized. Most people spend a lot of time and money on ad campaigns to get traffic but lose it all when users don’t engage as intended.

Malfunctioning or broken buttons, links, images and even misaligned textual data can have a major impact on user experience. Search engines taking note of this will eventually make sure you don’t rank on top for anything.  

While the importance of this is paramount for landing pages designed for paid campaigns, your whole website should be in pristine condition. Otherwise, organic marketing will take even longer than it usually does because your site’s user experience will be compromised. This will inevitably result in hits from search engines.

The interface comprises the design, performance such as loading speed, and even the content. This brings us to the next point.

Underestimate Content Significance and You’re Done

Google has probably spent most parts of its guidelines to warn site owners from using irrelevant and plagiarized content. Every expert offering SEO services will tell you that content is the single most important part of your website that influences everything. As per the E-A-T guidelines given by the search giant, your content should be perfectly reflecting these three things:

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trustworthiness

To put it in simple and understandable terms, your content needs to be genuinely helpful and useful to the user searching for the particular query. Your user should have no reason to bounce back from your site, meaning your content should be everything they need. Not only should it be exhaustive and detailed, but it should also cater to various intents of search that users have.

Identify Search Intents

There are two basic types of search intents, namely transactional and informational. Informational intent is defined as a search in which a user is looking for information or additional knowledge on a particular topic.

Whereas, transactional intent is when a user is looking to make a purchase or buy something. Even if a person is showing interest in a specific product or service, they’re interested in making a transaction.

As you can probably guess, both audiences require different approaches to be taken in terms of how content should engage with them. For example, a person looking for information on the harmful effects of cosmetic surgeries would want to know what side effects are likely to be caused by the surgeries rather than a video of the procedure.

Similarly, a person looking for a vehicle wouldn’t want to read about where the vehicle came from and who produced it. They’d want to know the features and specifications of the car. This is where a video would make more sense than textual data.


While there are multiple avenues and fronts for marketing in the cyber realm, what works for you is subjective. Factors such as your target audience, industry competition, trends in the specific industry for marketing, etc. can influence your strategy. The more you research, the more equipped you’ll be to be able to reach out in the most efficient manner. What has worked before can work again, but that doesn’t mean that something new isn’t a worthy enough risk to take.

You should get in touch with a team of professional marketers and brainstorm ideas for your marketing strategy. After that, work and watch your rankings rise through the roof. 

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Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson
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