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The Evergreen (And Latest) Jewelry Trends You Should Know

HomeInsightsThe Evergreen (And Latest) Jewelry Trends You Should Know

Jewelry, an item of luxury, had faced adverse impacts on its demand and market share when the whole world was paralyzed by the pandemic’s curse. The market share suffered a fortune because of the decline in demand.

Soon after the situation began to get under control, people started looking for the newest gemstone jewelry trends, which gave us a hint to get going again. We started producing and selling again. The question was, “Will the trends be the exactly same after all that happened!”

After watching what people are searching for quite some time gave us insight. We observed the majority wanted to be on the safe side by going in with the evergreen jewelry trends.

So I’m writing this blog to remind us the old-school and ever trending jewelry styles that have disappeared in the noise over time.

We’ll Talk about four major kinds of jewelry, viz., rings, earrings, necklaces (and pendants), and bracelets, and what is the one trend that sticks to it no matter what.

Also, we’ll see the benefits the jewelry retailer can get from going the traditional way.

So set your expectations high and keep reading.


Rings are the kind of jewelry items that one can never stop wearing. When all else fails, the beauty of a delicate gemstone studded ring saves us from the agony of not looking elegant on a Sunday afternoon lunch with the ladies.

Even when women don’t want to wear chunky bold rings, a simple sterling silver ring always works for everyone every time.

The one ring jewelry trend that has always been there through the ups and downs, during good and bad, and whether jewelry was a thing or not, is stacking. 

Wearing stackable ring bands is always appreciated and loved. This is because of the look it gives of a broad designer ring band (which can be worn separately as well.) And, it’s also because of the convenience it provides to the wearer.

The advice for retailers:

For you jewelry retailers out there, my advice is to always keep your stackable rings stock ready.

Benefits that you will get out of this collection are:

  • You never have to wonder what or what not to keep in your collections.
  • You can sell more with ring stacks!!!
  • Your customers will love you for always saving them from the monsters of lousy fashion.

This was about the rings. REMEMBER STACKING. Now let’s know about the earrings.


While talking about earrings, it’s ‘the bigger, the better.’ Somehow, I’ve always wondered how people cannot ditch those long dangling earrings, no matter whatever choice is given to them. They never fail to retain their position in the list of Statement earrings’ latest and evergreen trends.

I personally could identify that the purpose each kind of earring serve is different (the statement pieces serve it all.) And while talking about the types of jewelry items, earrings are the only ones that can go solo. They’re big, bold statement pieces that play a significant role.

The advice for retailers:

The advice for jewelry retailers here is to keep their stocks armed with bold statement earrings.

Benefits to the jewelry retailer from keeping them are:

  • Greater footfall when people can find the variety of what they are looking for.
  • Increased footfall or website landing will ensure increased conversions and popularity.

Stocked up already! Let’s move to the bracelet trends.


Honestly, wearing a bracelet is a choice. A choice that most of us will always make! The critical question is “Which type?” Some women are the advocates of minimal designs, whereas others want big chunky pieces. Some want their wrist jewelry to be subtle and simple. In contrast, it’s the gemstone studded gleaming bracelets that makes ideal jewelry for all the others.

What are the trends in bracelets is still a mystery. But one thing is for sure that those who like to wear the statement pieces are also fond of the delicate little pieces, whereas it’s not always correct the other way round. So those small and minimal bracelets can be considered the safest and the latest in jewelry trends. This is apparently because the heavy pieces are challenging to carry. In contrast, the little ones can be flaunted casually and yet elegantly.

So the evergreen and latest bracelets are the ‘little and delicate gemstone bands.’ These can be best paired up with the analog wristwatch with a metal strap.

The advice for retailers:

The piece of advice for the jewelry retailers is that they should always have the little and elegant bracelets in stock (if they don’t want an extensive range of bracelets stocked up.)

The benefits that you, being a jewelry retailer, can reap from this are:

  • Become the most loved re-seller by catering to every type of bracelet jewelry demand.
  • Get your customers coming back to you, hence better customer relations.

After knowing the evergreen trends for the three most worn kinds of jewelry, it’s time to know it for the necklaces.


Recent necklace jewelry in trend

Necklaces are the jewelry pieces that are held responsible for making or breaking anyone’s appearance. This is because it is that piece of accessory exposed to the front and is uncovered. This makes it more important to know what is latest and evergreen in necklace jewelry trends than in any other jewelry type.

Women prefer a single line or a pendant necklace for regular use and keeping the bold statement pieces for extraordinary occasions like weddings and events that signify milestone achievements. Put in easier words, the big jewelry pieces are for those events that require dedicated jewelry purchasing. For everything else, there are these cute little necklaces. A good example is I love you necklace.

No matter the length, the recent and evergreen necklace jewelry in trend is elegant single gemstone necklaces over any other type. This will not burry the wearer under its weight but makes it convenient to carry and flaunt.

The advice for retailers:

The advice for jewelry retailers is to keep the delicate and elegant designs of necklaces and pendants in their collections anytime. These are the latest, evergreen, and trendiest fashion in jewelry.

Benefits to the retailers for revamping their collection with these delicate beauties:

  • You don’t have to stock up a large inventory of necklaces with the constant fear of having dead stock.
  • You can sell more with little and inexpensive jewelry to offer.

These are the latest and evergreen in jewelry trends based on the most popular types of jewelry.

To sum up, you know the latest ring jewelry trends, the new bracelet jewelry industry trends, statement earrings latest trends, and the recent necklace jewelry in trend.

To sum up, I’ll share the summary of what we’ve discussed above:

  • Stacking is for rings,
  • Statement pieces are for earrings,
  • Delicate pieces are for bracelets, and
  • Elegance is for necklaces.

If you are a jewelry retailer, you should know these to offer your customers what they are looking for. And if you are an end consumer, you need to know so you don’t fall victim to the epic fashion fails.

Being a wholesale sterling silver gemstone jewelry manufacturer, we need to keep ourselves updated on the latest market trends (and we’re good at it.) this gave us the leverage of being ahead in the industry and share the information with concerned people.

Here is the little something that I want you to know for the future, “All evergreen styles can be trending at any point in time, but not all trending styles can be evergreen.”

Now, as we see the market opening up again and jewelry wearers showing considerate interest in the latest fashion in jewelry, we are motivated than ever to create jewelry that is as unique as its wearer.

They’re looking for places to get good quality inexpensive jewelry. Inexpensive because right after a shaken economy (micro and macro), although they are opening up, still sub-cautiously they are careful about their choice of spending. People are looking for semi-precious gemstone studded jewelry for variety.


Here, I have discussed everything that you, being a jewelry retailer, should know (and a little more than that) about the jewelry trends. Based on these trends, I also told you the benefits of investing in various jewelry types. And what jewelry trends are evergreen and perfect even during the uncertain and unannounced times like the ones we’ve been facing since the last eleven-ish months.

The fact that there was a slump in the want of the jewelry makes it straightforward for us to understand that the mindsets were not the same when the market revived again. No matter what, people were more conservative in their choices and decisions, especially regarding issues involving a lot of moolah.

Talking from our personal experience, despite being a wholesale silver jewelry supplier pioneering in the statement jewelry, we saw a demand in the small and delicate jewelry items. This gave rise to handmade or one-of-a-kind jewelry becoming more popular. This emerged as the newest gemstone jewelry trend and actually provoked us to use our absolute potential in creating the small & delicate yet exquisite gemstone jewelry range. So for us, it proved more of an opportunity than a challenge!

The handmade jewelry was not easy to create because it requires beauty in randomness. Still, being a sterling silver gemstone jewelry manufacturer, managed to make these shapeless beauties as well. Gosh! We never knew we had so much potential!

Now you know everything you need to about the latest and evergreen trends associated with the most common jewelry types. And now is the perfect time to revamp your collections.

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Adriana Cruz
Adriana Cruz
Adriana Cruz is a fashion blogger with a niche in jewelry. She is working for more than a decade now and knows the inside out of the industry. She has developed the knack to prophesize the upcoming and identify the evergreen trends for jewelry fashion with such extensive experience. She aims to empower everyone out there who is related to jewelry in any manner to get the most genuine knowledge through her writings. She intends to help the jewelry retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers grow their businesses by staying updated and the jewelry wearers to avoid any fashion disasters.


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