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Top 10 Minecraft YouTube Channels

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Minecraft has successfully taken over the children of the 21st century that helps them to enhance their skills for collaboration, innovation, and creativity. But sometimes, the kid’s obsession with this game can be a bit overwhelming. One of the most puzzling things is that in each waking moment, you will not find your little ones playing Minecraft but are watching Minecraft on YouTube. Also, if you are wondering to play Minecraft then you need a Minecraft hosting server and there are several free or cheap hosting providers that you can use to enjoy gaming.

For the fans, Minecraft has become one of the massive parts of their game enjoyment. There are several tutorials to create new things, and let’s play videos showing the real-life footage of the people playing this game. The mod showcases demonstrate specific things that kids might download to alter their Minecraft world. The videos also include challenges to incorporate new gameplay ideas you might try and many more.

But the most exclusive things about this game are that it might result in wide quality variations, relevancy to the specific kid interest, capability to create anything new they might want, and more. There are numerous YouTube channels related to Minecraft, and thus hard to know which ones are ideal for the children. You might also download different applications like KicVidz that deliver only kid-friendly Minecraft videos. In this article, we have shared below the top 10 Minecraft YouTube channels.

1. iBallisticSquad

The best friend of stampy is a squid, and yes, this is possible only in Minecraft! David Spencer has given the voice of the squid, who is also a real-life friend of Garrett. Squid Nugget or Squiddy exchange kid-friendly, English accented, and mild banter with Stampy. It also includes mods, challenges, and Let’s Play, which were given for him by Stampy. The pixelmon learning all the basics is the best introduction video to a great mod.

It is simply perfect for younger fans

2. My Stampy Cat or Stampylonghead or Stampy

It is a British cat that uploads live videos on this YouTube channel. Joseph Garett from Portsmouth, England, has given his voice to this character. Stampy provides tutorials on extensive Minecraft topics and Let’s Play videos. The world of the Stampy is exceptionally colorful. Stampy is a cross between Mr. Rogers and Pee-wee Herman. The how-to Minecraft series of My Stampy Cat is outstanding for the noobs.

It is also excellent for younger fans

3. The AtlanticCraft

Hardcore gamers named Joe or JoeBuzz and Cody or the CodyMaverick upload their mods, mini-games, and Let’s play in both technically advanced and kid-friendly ways. The two continue their fun rapport as they discover and battle in the sophisticated game of Minecraft. These guys also host various serves and offer different downloads on their official website. His Let it Glow video is the parody of Minecraft of the song Let it Go from Frozen.

Perfect for every aged people and with all abilities

4. Paul Soares Jr.

Paul Sores Jr. is a self-described father, gamer, husband, and entrepreneur. He delivers family-friendly, straightforward, and kind ways of tutorials and let’s play videos. His Thrive and How to survive tutorials are nirvana for the newbie. He is one of those Youtubers whose content is rated for families. Thus you can be sure that it does not contain any mature stuff. Soares also includes a lot of data while he is busy playing the game.

Ideal for families, new players, and younger children

5. Minecraft Universe

Attractive Jason Probst or TrueMU is the host of this famous Youtube channel. This channel is full of parkour maps, original electronic songs, adventure maps, and mini-games, which you can also download. TrueMU also plays highly spirited games by competing against other Minecraft players in the group known as Team Crafted. You can check out his video about Hottest Girls ever let us play. In this video, he plays with an opponent in a female avatar and is to have a conversation about gender roles in the Minecraft Game.

Classic for people of all ages

The post of Popular MMOs YouTube channel is a folksy and friendly guy named Pat. This channel is primarily known for its massive explosions and epic battles in the game. The knowledge and enthusiasm about the game and killer mods manage to draw an enormous audience for this channel. Popular MMOs often play against his fiancée Jen, who is also a host of other Minecraft channels of the name GamingwithJen. The most famous video of the Minecraft Kitty Cat Challenge where Jen and Pat honor his past away cat by duking on Minecraft. It shows the human side of the game.

Perfect for older kids for the excitement

7. Maricraft

Maricraft is the Youtube channel of Mari Takahashi, who is one of the most popular female gamers. This channel mostly uploads Let’s Play of the battles while Mari plays with her friends in the Minecraft world. Here the swear words are beeped out and include some juvenile humor also. One of the most viewed videos is In Splegg in Your Face! where Mari and her friends beat each other with spleggs or Minecraft eggs.

Perfect for the fans in their twenties

8. The Bajan Canadian

Mitchell Hughes is a twenty-year-old Canadian who is a video commenter in this game. This channel delivers an extensive range of technically advanced videos for Minecraft games. Mitchell plays the game with a nerdy and gentle patter against the mild-mannered friends playing Minecraft. You can download all his parkour videos, among which wacky parkour maps are the best.

Popular for the older player who wants to geek out

9. CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez includes the highest numbers of YouTube videos that dazzle the technically advanced Minecraft world with his entertaining and warm commentary. This channel was recently purchased and undertaken by Disney Own Maker Studios. The audience loves CaptainSparklez due to his atmospheric, complex, and intricate word for the parody videos. The Super Modded survival series takes his fan on an outstanding adventure full of new dimensions, mighty foes, and dungeons. Sometimes he becomes edgy too.

Just the ideal for experienced players who can understand the technical terms

10. The DiamondMinecart

It is hosted by Dan Middleton, twentysomething of Northamptonshire, England, and is highly popular due to his broad variety of creative and entertaining videos. The high-quality videos cover all the genres of mod reviews, Let’s Play, character, and more. It is one of the highly subscribed and highly viewed Youtube channels. The Hunger Games video of the DiamondMinecart takes on the Stampy includes a fun twist in the end. The videos present in this channel are pretty advanced but are usually clean.

Bliss for highly experienced players

Final Words

Minecraft has grown as one of those video games that people have mastered over time. Among the games that have survived for the highest time, Minecraft deserves a special mention. So, if you or your kids are one of those Minecraft players who want to upgrade their skills, you can check out the videos of any of the above YouTube channels to enhance the game technicalities.

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