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Tenant Guest: How Can Landlords Handle Them?

Home Stories Tenant Guest: How Can Landlords Handle Them?

Guest visits can be full of fun and pleasure. Shared dinners, table games, movies and parties are all common for the occasional guest visit. But is it okay to invite guests to the rental property which doesn’t belong to you? Can tenants allow whoever they want for as long as they wish? Is there any difference between the tenant guests and unofficial residents?

For tenants’ guests are all those who come for a short period and leave soon. While the duration is not defined in days, but the tenants think so. However, the landlord thinks different. There is a distinction because those who are staying in the rental unit for long duration should be liable for the damages.

How Can Landlords Deal with Long-Term Guests?

As a landlord, whether you have discovered that your tenant is hosting guests or you want to prevent any such scenario, there are plenty of things you can do to deal with long-term guests.

1 – Put a Clause in the Rental Lease Agreement

If there is no clause about the long-term guests, it is time to insert one. Be clear about the overnight guests and expectations. For instance, include a clause that allows up to two guests for 5 days, but any guest who stays longer needs written permission from the landlord. Alternatively, you can limit the consecutive nights that a guest can stay to not more than three. It helps to prevent the boyfriends, and girlfriends to become permanent residents without your permission. Some landlords would prefer to limit the number of days guests can stay in the six months. No matter what you decide, be clear about it and don’t forget to comply with the state or the federal laws.

2 – Consider Subletting in a Different Way

Most of the landlords who had allowed subletting often end up blaming the day, they allowed doing so. Some tenants use it as a hotel. Keep a clause for subletting separately and clearly state that it is not allowed. Put in place clear conditions if you plan to allow it.

3 – Speak to Tenant Clearly

If the tenant comes to you seeking permission for a guest to stay beyond the agreed terms, listen to what they are saying. At the same time, you may consider the person who is close to the tenant family but not anyone accompanying him or her. Even if you give permission, ensure that you are both clear on the terms of the stay and when the guests would be leaving. Ensure that you are following up with the tenant to ensure that the guest has actually left. Before giving the permission, remind the tenant that they are responsible for the guest’s behaviour. In case of any damage to the property, ask them to pay. If the tenant wants to add a roommate or live with a significant other and you tentatively agree to it, start the application process the right way with the guest and take it from there.

4 – Don’t Delay Action

It is the biggest mistake to delay action once you discover or are told by the guest. While you might worry about a confrontation and take the wait-and-watch approach and hope the guest will go on own. However, it is not an ideal way to manage the property, and you should be assertive while having a discussion. Once you understand what the guests are up to, you can make the next move like reminding the guest about the next step.

5 – Well Written Agreement is Helpful!

Yes, a landlord must use the rental agreement template to create a rental agreement that mentions what the tenants are allowed for and what not. There should not be any confusion.

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