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Mysterious YouTube Video Recommendation System Untangled!

HomeInsightsMysterious YouTube Video Recommendation System Untangled!

In this modern era of digitization, YouTube is the application installed on every phone and used by every individual around the world. For the entertainment purpose of every individual, YouTube is the one-stop solution;be it songs, videos, vlogs, etc., you get it all here.

Initially, the first impression of YouTube was that of a platform to listen to songs, but with the passage of time, people started using it to earn money and make a career in this industry. Indeed, it was unknown to many, but the ever-growing popularity of many successful YouTubers changed the mindset of people.

After a time, it then became a subject for the analysts to study the algorithms of YouTube. Also, you must have witnessed recommendation videos, but have you ever wondered how does this happens? Well, nobody has yet!

Interesting subject, isn’t it? even made you think deeply, right? It is no more a mystery now; the algorithm has been decoded surprisingly. Well, it is a great strategy used by them to engage their user, which gives the brand the reason to come back on YouTube.

Recently, Rachel Alves, the product manager for discovery at YouTube, has solved the mystery of the Video Recommendation System, sharing insights on how the recommendation system actually works.

Analyzing her giveaways about the algorithms, the main aim of the YouTube video recommendation system is to help every viewer provide exactly what he is looking for to limit his search in order to deliver maximum long-term satisfaction to their viewers every time they visit YouTube.

These recommendations help the user in discovering the information they are looking for on YouTube easily by giving them suggestions of the other related videos. Also, the next time the user begins with their search, they already have the content of their choice available on their YouTube home page screen.

Let us understand on what basis does YouTube works with the algorithms to showcase the recommendations of videos with the help of the following points:

1. Users watch time: The users access YouTube solely for the entertainment purpose, the video recommendation system, however, also note their watch time of the particular genre of content. This helps in determining the choice of the user, and the next time they get exactly the content of their likes and preference.

2. Users searches: Anytime the user searches his type of content, they get automatically directed to the particular page. Having said that, these searches are also in the database of YouTube, which helps them in making an analysis of what details user actually wants.

3. User clicks & views: Every time the viewer clicks the video, it leads to increasing views for the particular video. Later, according to the statistics of the views and clicks on the particular video, the list is made. Also, Google plays a major role in studying those algorithms to optimize the same.

4. User satisfaction & responsibility: You must have come across options, such as like, comment, and subscribe while watching a video on YouTube. Ensuring to do the same helps in understanding the user satisfaction with the content, which then results in the recommendation list of the other users looking for related content.

With the understanding of the above points, it is easy to determine the algorithm of recommendation system the brand YouTube uses. It is a completely user-based algorithm, which analyses the choice and preference of the viewer, which results in recommending them with the related content they are looking for.

Optimizing as per the digital language, YouTube has a team of analysts to perform all these tasks for them, that helps with a better reach and satisfy their needs showing the relevant content.

With this in mind, it becomes the responsibility of the brand itself to consider the requirements of the viewers or its users to be precise. In the ‘Suggested’ feed, you get all the recommended videos; also, if you analyze it closely now, then you will also find under the specific video that ‘some user % also watch this video.’

Do you know what that signifies? Well, it is the recommendations of the other videos, after the algorithms do their work. This is the reason why YouTube has been doing well with providing quality watch time for the users. The satisfaction they provide hence becomes another aspect.

Do you still wonder how they manage to get these data effectively?

Well, you will have the answer to that after reading the following:

1. User survey: Didn’t know this? It’s alright!But yes, YouTube also take surveys timely to understand the preference of the users. Not only that, but they also focus on managing their brand image by taking timely feedback to understand the part where they lack behind in providing optimum satisfaction to their users. This gives the response of a huge user base to make alterations in their algorithm for its perfection.

2. Prioritizing authoritative content: YouTube has millions of users to create content as well as to watch the same. Having said that, they also have some boundaries which they need to maintain as per the rules and regulations of the legislation. This does not give them the right to showcase any non-authoritative content to its users in their suggestion feed. Therefore, the matrix is set in a way to prioritize their content and eliminate some of them that are not authoritative to them as well.

3. Regional content: Not importantly, you can have access to every content, but the video recommendation system is processed in such a manner that it firstly shows the local content, and after the user choice and preference, the algorithms allow the user to have access to such content.

Never thought of understanding the algorithms of YouTube reccomendation system, right? Nobody did, but it is an interesting topic to get information on. Don’t you think?

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