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Everything you must know about an apostille

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What is an apostille?

The process of authenticating the various documents additionally in order to use them in other countries/Nations is termed as an apostille or apostilling. For the purpose of legalization of foreign public documents, there is no need to go through a cumbersome process which includes going through multiple channels of verification. Some of the countries that participated in the convection, have the special feature of apostille to better authenticate the foreign public documents. The Hague convention currently consists of more than 116 countries. The Apostille can be coined as a one-stop destination where every document can be authenticated in the country where the person belongs and can be used across other parts of the globe. There are various apostille in London.

The following 10 mandatory references and a seal must be contained in a standard recognized apostille-

  • Whether the person ,who is signing the document has acted in the right capacity or not?
  • The name of the person who is signing  the documents should be mentioned.
  • If the document is unsigned
  • The name of the authority affixing the stamp or seal.
  • The place of certification and the date on which certification has taken place.
  • The authority that has issued the certificate.
  • The number issued on the certificate.
  • The name of the country from which the document belongs and has been issued.
  • The seal and stamp of the authority that has issued the document.
  • Signature of the authority that has issued the certificate.

What is the purpose of apostille documents?

The documents, once apostilled in the country of their origin has the same validity, legal recognition and value in other countries where they are submitted or presented as well. If the document has been apostilled in one country that was a participant in the 1981  Hague convention, it is specifically applicable in every country that was present at the Hague apostille convention 1981. Hence people do not require to apostille the documents multiple times in other countries, doing it once and applying it everywhere is the easier task. It is worth noting that the apostille authenticates whether the document was signed in the right state of mind and the capacity of the person who has their signature on the document, it is not for certifying the content of the public document.

Conditions for apostille documents?

There are some cases that need to be fulfilled, only then can the legislation office,Milton of the documents take place. These conditions include –

  • It is necessary that the country in which the document was issued should have been a part of the Hague apostille convention that was carried out in the year 1981.
  • The country in which the document is about to be submitted should also be a part of the apostille convention.It should be noted that the document should be a public document, otherwise it will be  not valid for apostille.
  • There must be an apostille that is ready to accept the document as a foreign public document regarding the country in which the document needs to be submitted.

Who is responsible for Apostilling the document?

The following are the officials responsible for apostilling the document-

  • The Judge
  • State registrar.
  • County clerk
  • Notary Public

Know the process of issuing an apostille certificate

The process of authentication is quite simple. It is normally done by the authority that is designated for the apostille in the country where the document was originally issued. This certificate is known to be Apostille. The apostille is usually advocated as a paper document. Some of the countries that are members of the hague apostille convention have starters issuing the certificate in electronic form. The convention has laid down a model certificate that acts as an annexure. The purpose of which is to ensure that the apostille provided by the different states are identifiable . This helps in the facilitation of the circulation of the public documents abroad possible.

What are the documents that need apostille

The following four categories of documents are listed by the apostille convention which are deemed to be in the category of public documents-

  • Documents that emanated either from an authority or an official connected with a court or a tribunal, it includes those who are currently emanating from a public prosecutor, a clerk or someone like a court or a process-server.
  • The documents that are related to administration.
  • The Documents regarding the Notarial acts.
  • The official certificates that are placed on documents and are signed by  the people who were in their private capacity, this include official certificates  that record the registration of a document or the fact that it existed on a particular date and official and notarial authentications of signatures.
  • The personal documents such as the birth certificates, marriage certificates, adoption papers, divorce decrees, affidavits among other personal documents.
  • The educational certificates such as the degree completion certificates among others.
  • The corporate documents that include official documents such as the patent applications, the true copies of general meetings and board meetings etc.


There Will be a time when you have to move abroad for some work or you might have to permanently relocate. In that case it is important for you to have the knowledge about apostille and how to carry it out. Apostille of documents is very important to present them as legitimate documents abroad. You can get your documents apostille in London.

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