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The Thrills Of Drone Racing

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Meshing the lines between reality and a virtual world is the experience of drone racing. Equipping the user with a virtual reality headset transfer them into a world point of view travel and evading. The racer controls the drone with a remote, much like the RC cars and battery-powered vehicles of the past. Placing the user at the center of the attention and action is where this sport excels. No other sport can bring you as close the action or create the out-of-body experience that drone racing can.

This sport was developed in 2015 and has since hit the ground running. Many leagues and drone racing associations have been created to increase the marketability of the sport. This rapid growth and development also help people find the necessary resources and connective tools that creates friendships that extend beyond the demands of time. The pure thrill of racing can get the adrenaline pumping but building relationships with like-minded players marks for an intangible that can’t be taken.

Beyond the social aspect, this sport is the first variation of its kind. Players are immersed in the action with the use of VR headsets. You transfer your skills and usage rates directly into the drone, which helps create the element of reality extending beyond fantasy. Once the headset is placed, the player enters a new realm with endless possibilities. While regular VR experiences are incredibly moving, mixing a virtual world with real world experiences ups the ante of the sport.

The sport also plays host to competitions, learning from an aspect of team, college scholarship opportunities, and career opportunities. The developed Drone Racing League (DRL) has helped increase the player purse to the $1 million mark thanks to sponsors and overall popularity. Colleges and universities are slowly adding drone racing to their extra circular and scholarship eligible degree platforms. Much like the gaming industry, the sport offers advancement opportunities that allow racers to carve out a career. While the technological aspect is the largest contributor to this movement, pure skill development can also be a key difference maker.

The sport is also very expansive, creating now limits to the advancements it holds. The courses are ever-changing and can be re-worked with little effort. Drone advancements and control increases call for an increased attention to detail and a refinement of craft.

Updating models to replace interior designs and exterior features allows for more speed, better control, and clear visions during a race. The thrill of exploring a household course that takes you through the different rooms in a house is a fun build. You also see courses that are dimly lit and require heavy usage of LED lighting and glow-in-the-dark markers. The course design piece also makes for something that requires the user to push the limits of gravity and force. Drone racers can always challenge their device and learn about the standards of gravity. Expanding the design of the course and increasing the level of difficulty makes for an even, fun playing field. Virtually any area can be turned into a course, which is also something that helps the fun pop-up on short notice.

The limits of this sport have been tested with the development of devices. Keeping on trends and repairing these drones can be a costly measure. Refinement of the exterior shell and interior workings are continuing to keep drones within a leveled playing field and price range. Competitive races continue to be the shining light for this sport and they are landing racers scholarships and large sums of payouts. Sponsors have also taken notice of the presence this sport holds in the marketplace. They are backing racers and placing heavy sums of cash into the increased development of this sport. Take off with an experience unlike any other when you race a drone. There is not another experience or rush that can mesh the virtual with physical world, which is keeping the drone racing world afloat and prevalent in the future of the marketplace. Expansion continues, and the price point keeps lowering in hopes of getting everyone on-board with this awesome activity.

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