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Read here to know about Kaitlyn Vincie life

HomeInsightsRead here to know about Kaitlyn Vincie life

If you are searching for the best sports journalist in America, then the first name that appears is Kaitlyn Vincie. Nowadays, she works for the Fox NASCAR Race Hub company and updates the citizens with the latest news. She is a star reporter in this company but, she wasn’t born a star, but she always knew she wanted to be one. She began her career as a reporter and journalist by joining the Trackside company in the year 2012. Later, she joined the NASCAR company and established herself as a permanent news reporter from 2014.


Kaitlyn Vincie was born on December 10, 1987, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA. Her father and mother’s names are John and Margaret Vincie, respectively. She has an older sister. She attended Fauquier High School and lived on her father’s modest income. In school, she competed in field and track competitions and got a victory in the 800-meter event. She was also working as a manager for the wrestling team in school.

She was a brilliant student. Later she went to Christopher University and got a degree in Communication in 2010. From childhood, she had an interest in athletics, and to fulfill her dream, she interned in the athletics department. After that, she began appearing in several stage productions.

She is pretty active in different social media. Her popularity created a huge fan-base around the world. In her Instagram account, she has a total of 76K followers to date. She has a pair of blue eyes. She is 5 ft 7 inches tall, and she maintains her weight after becoming a mother.

Relationship Status

She met her life partner while working for the Speedway company. But there is no definite information about when they started dating each other. After some time, they decided to step up their relationship status. In 2017 February, her boyfriend Blake Harris proposed to her by giving her a diamond ring for marriage, and she accepted his proposal. Within one month, they got married.

Her husband is also associated with the NASCAR company and worked as a car chief of a top Cup team.

She announced her pregnancy by posting on Instagram after a few months of their marriage. And finally, they became parents and welcomed a baby into their small family. Now, she is enjoying blissful married life with her husband and little boy.


The career path of Kaitlyn Vincie is very impressive, and everyone should learn from her. Her childhood dream to become a journalist. To fulfill her dream, she joined her first job at Langley Speedway. And she started interviewing famous athletics for the Langley Speedway TV.

Also, to boost her earnings, she started her second job as a waiter. But she was not satisfied with the jobs and the salary structure. And then she started looking for better opportunities. She engaged herself with the Langley Speedway for one than one year. And she changed her job by joining Newsport as a marketing director. She always does her work with full dedication and concentration as she never faced any controversy in her career. She has a great sense of humor. And this is the best quality to become a journalist.

Then she opened her own YouTube channel, where she interviewed drivers. She got a huge success and won her a lot of appreciation through her blogs. As a result, she got an offer from ScienceDaily, a car racing website, and started to broadcast her blog on the website.

After reading her success story and watching her on media, TV, many female reporters started choosing this field as a career.

Here she got acknowledged by the seniors, and then she started working for NASCAR. And she got final recognition after starting her career as a full-time reporter for Fox NASCAR Sports. To date, she is attached to the same company. She always works hard to get the desired result for her career. Also, know about Young M.A net worth.


Besides being a famous sports reporter and journalist, she is a good human being. By working as a reporter, she earns a decent amount of money. According to the data released recently, her net worth is about $500,000. She gained years of experience in this field; the company pays a good amount to her. According to the company’s salary structure, the average salary is about $65K. But unfortunately, she did not get any awards for her world to date.

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