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Latest Digital Marketing Trends that will dominate

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Coronavirus has completely changed the world, and along with it, the digital marketing structure.

The techniques used earlier are now obsolete, and businesses have to rethink their strategies.

But worry not, we can be of assistance to you and your business by suggesting the latest digital marketing trends.

We recommend you boost your strategy by taming the significant trends for 2021.

So what are the forecasts for this year?

What should we watch closely to stay on trend?

Answers from professional digital marketing company in Bangalore:

Natural referencing (SEO)

SEO as we know it will see some changes this year.

Search engines like Google regularly make changes to their algorithms, and you have to be attentive to these changes to adapt to them and for your website to continue to appear on the SERP (results page).

Among the changes that we identify, there is the one concerning local SEO, which should take more and more space. Indeed, more than 65% of searches on Google concern local.

Since the health crisis, this trend has accelerated with consumers who wish to support local shops.

To answer them, they, therefore, have every interest in going digital.

So if you are concerned, do not hesitate to create your website or to be accompanied.

User experience (UX) is also going to be widely considered.

Google has indeed created a program that allows you to quantify and qualify a website’s performance: Core Web Vitals.

The more pleasant, intuitive, and faster the site, the better it will be positioned on Google.

Content Marketing

You must have heard “Content is king” many times.

This year, it is still valid, but it will also be necessary to remember: “Less is more.”

The trend will indeed be towards quality rather than quantity.

You will always have to ask yourself if it is relevant to distribute this content and not just fill your newsfeed.

The format of your content will also be different.

The videos will be widely appreciated, favored by the leap of Tik Tok, new Instagram formats (such as Lives, Reels, IGTVs), and newsjacking (which consists of bouncing with originality on the news).

So, of course, newsletters and written content will always have their say.

But all the content and formats we have told you about will please, especially if they are authentic, spontaneous, or educational!

New technologies

For a few years now, we have seen new technologies disrupt the digital world.

In this year 2021, some should take an increasingly important place such as:

  • Virtual reality and augmented reality: Virtual reality has been seducing Internet users for some time.

Augmented reality was often less considered, but that will not be the case this year!

Allowing to integration virtual elements into existence, it is more and more present in the digital strategy of companies, … Whether it is to visualize furniture at home (as Ikéa allows ), to try on make-up (such as L’Oréal allows it ), or jewelry (as Bleu Reflet allows ), believe that you will not miss it!

  • Artificial intelligence: Chatbots (conversational robots), Siri, Alexa … Internet users increasingly adopt them. We record them quickly in our dailies.

That is why they should not stop progressing, becoming more and more “intelligent,” and becoming part of the strategies of many companies.

Sustainable marketing

More and more consumers are concerned about the environment, realizing that companies have a role in saving the planet. Brands then rely on ecological products and practices.

Business communication in 2021 will therefore tend to focus on the environment.

They will show their commitment and take measures to protect the planet by promoting sustainability values and concentrating on recyclable products and packaging, for example.

To conclude, you now have some ideas of the 2021 trends and the direction your digital strategy should take.

Stay informed, however, because digital is a sector that is advancing very quickly and must be watched closely.

So do not hesitate to keep watch and to be accompanied by a team of experts!

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Niranjan Pande
Niranjan Pande
Niranjan is the CEO of Gsearch. Gsearch has a team of expertise in the area of SEO, Web Design, Affiliate Marketing,eCommerce, Email marketing and digital advertising. Each of the employees dedicates themselves to finding what makes your potential clients want to interact with your website.


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