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Remodeling ideas when moving into a new home

HomeWellnessRemodeling ideas when moving into a new home

There is no doubt that you probably heard a lot of horror stories regarding moving and remodeling. Someone just got their perfect home, managed to move there, and settled in only to find that they can paint that one wall. Or do the floor in one room. Which quickly escalated to total bathroom decorations and porch and deck renewals. Things can quickly escalate and add up if you don’t plan. You just got your new and perfect home and are all giddy and excited. Understandable but don’t get blinded by excitement as there are still a bit more steps to do before you finally can relax in your haven. 

1. Writings on the wall

The sentiment here is to inspect your future living space and prepare it to your liking now. It is beneficial to your mental health and budget to do all the renovations at this point. So, with that in mind, are all rooms in your future home in the color that you want? Some are just yuck, some are maybe and some are not. So, it is better to repaint them now. Why? Just imagine all of your lovely furniture around as you try to paint. 

They have to be moved, will be in the way, can get damaged or dirtied by paint. But, at this point, you have all the freedom in the world and not just to become the next Picasso. You can paint freely as the previous tenants have likely moved their furniture or maybe there isn’t any. Just call a buddy and get some pizza and beer, it makes the paintbrush flow. Or you can do it with your better half as a future family project. Or if you don’t want to get your hand dirty and don’t have the time and effort needed, just hire some pros to do it for you. 

They will be grateful as it is immensely easier (and faster) for them to do their job while there is no furniture around. And if you are indecisive about color at this point but are sure you want to change it, just pick white. It is universal, nice, and can be easily painted over later by any color.

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2. Floors can hide many secrets

So, the walls are done, now onto the floors. And what’s below them as they can hide mold or even insects. Or maybe they are in good condition but have numerous scratch marks and look all wear and tear? Or do you just want to change them because you saw something better online? Do it now because, again, moving all of your furniture can be back-breaking, exhausting, and can damage them as that’s what’s needed if the flooring companies have to install or repair floors. Speaking of back-breaking. 

3. Moving all of your stuff

As your new home, your old stuff is probably something that you are attached to and want to move with you. Stacking all those boxes (labeled as dishes, glass, or something other that is breakable) and driving to the new place, avoiding potholes and insane traffic can be a bit stressful. You want to keep your hard-earned belonging undamaged as your back. So, there is another option, besides calling in for favors from friends. Luckily there exists professional forklift hire that saves your back from pain and your mental health from stress. And those things are not something that you should waste now or ever.

4. Security

Besides ensuring your new house which is a whole other story, there are much easier things that you can do at this point. Simple things, like changing all the locks seeing as the previous owners may have played fast and loose with their spare keys. They have probably forgotten and you shouldn’t stress over who has keys to your new home. So new house, new locks. Also, refresh the batteries on your smoke detectors and alarms. After all, you are the new owners and you will treat them better than the previous ones.

5. Finishing touches

By now, you did a lot. There is a fresh coat of paint, the floors aren’t screeching and all your stuff is here in a safe and sound place. At this point, you are mostly there, just a bit more. Check your new garage, attack, or basement (or any combination that you have) for eventual trash or stuff that the previous owners don’t need or have forgotten (or that you don’t need). After all, this is your place now, and no need for leftovers to clog much-needed space. Sometimes you can even get surprised by what you can find while simply snooping around. 

And in the process, you can check the attic for mold or minor roof or shingle damage, or if the basement has leaks or unwanted rodent guests. You should always be aware of what happens under your roof as well as who lives in it.

Now you can relax, slouch on your sofa, toasting yourself for a job well done. These things can usually drag on for years but not for you. Sure, there are always some minor fixes here and there, but with a solid foundation that you laid out from the very beginning, this is a start to a beautiful story. One in which you don’t need to worry about constant construction workers, mess, dirt, paint, and hassle as you come home from work and you want to enjoy your brand new haven.

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