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What Every New Homeowner Should Do Before Moving In

HomeWellnessWhat Every New Homeowner Should Do Before Moving In

When you are getting ready to move into a new home, there is probably a lot on your mind. You are likely coordinating with movers, making sure your utilities are turned on, and managing a host of other concerns. Before you settle in and start unpacking, there are some things you should make sure to take care of first. 

Get an Inspection

One of the most important things you should do before you move into your new home is get an inspection. Home inspections can catch issues that you might not have otherwise noticed. These can include things like foundation or structural issues, HVAC system issues, condition of the walls and ceiling, and plumbing and electrical systems. Your home inspection should ideally be done before you purchase the house, but can still be done later. Having the knowledge gained from a home inspection can highlight issues that should be fixed right away, as well as any issues that should be on your radar, but are not immediate concerns. 


An easy way to update your home to match your taste before you move in is by painting the walls. Paint can completely change the look and feel of a room and can serve as inspiration to help you decorate your home. In addition, paint can help to protect your walls from damage. It is easy to pick out paint swatches from a home improvement or paint store to see how the colors look on your wall. You can also buy smaller cans of different shades of paint and test them in rooms of your home. Painting is a relatively easy DIY project, but you can also hire professional painters for the job. 

Change the Fixtures

Changing the fixtures in your home is another good thing to do. Changing out old light fixtures can help update the look of a room. You can select new light fixtures that can change how much light comes into the room. Updating plumbing fixtures, like sink faucets, showerheads, toilets, and bathtubs, can improve the look of your bathrooms and add value to your home. Installing low-flow showerheads helps save water. 

Renovate Your Kitchen

A great way to make your new home feel more like your own is to renovate the kitchen. Kitchens are one of the most frequently renovated rooms in a home. You may choose to do a full remodel, or focus on specific aspects you would like to change. Appliances these days age quicker due to smart appliance technology improvements and changes in styles. New appliances can save you energy and water and can improve the look of your kitchen. Another project to take on would be changing finishes, like countertops, backsplashes, and flooring. Remodeling can make you proud of your home and make cooking in your kitchen a joy again. Renovating your kitchen is a solid investment to make that you will see a return on should you choose to sell your home.

Buy New Furniture

Before you go shopping for new furniture, consider the spaces in your home, and take measurements. This will help you when you’re shopping to make sure you purchase furniture that fits in the room you want it to. Many online furniture retailers have a feature on their website where you can upload a picture of a room and place the piece of furniture in the picture to visualize what it would look like in the space. New furniture will help you put your personal style touches in your home. Prioritize which spaces in your home need new furniture first. See if you can match the furniture you currently have with a few new pieces like an accent chair or coffee table.

Home Insurance

Before you move into your new home you should purchase a home insurance policy. Home insurance can protect you from a lot of accidents including theft and damage. Most policies cover exterior and interior damage to your home, theft of your possessions, and personal liability. Your policy amount will be determined by your determined risk level, which is factored on past claims on the home and in the neighborhood. In the unlikely event that your home is so damaged you cannot live in it, some policies will cover hotel stays for you and your family while it is being repaired. Home insurance is important to protect your investment in case something bad happens.

Install Window Screens and Screen Doors

If you want to get more fresh air in your home but want to avoid having bugs or dust come into your home, you should install window screens. Window screens protect your home’s windows from dirt build-up and add a layer of protection to your home. Window screens are important in rooms where pets or children may be with the window open, to protect them from falling. If your home already has window screens, check to make sure whether they are in good working condition. Patch any holes they may have, and replace them as necessary. Screen doors similarly allow fresh air to flow through your home while keeping pets and kids inside and dirt and critters outside.

Home Security System

Before you move into your home, you should consider installing a home security system. Home burglaries are incredibly common and a home security system can help provide protection. Many security systems include cameras installed in the home, which can also be of help in the event of a home fire by providing early detection. Having a security system may also qualify you for lower premiums on your home insurance plan. It is one of the best things you can do to protect your investment. 

There are a lot of things to think about before you move into a new home. You want to protect your space and make the right changes that will help it feel personalized to your taste. Taking the time to complete these tasks before you move in will save you stress and worry later on.

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