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How to get relief from trapped gas?

HomeWellnessHow to get relief from trapped gas?

Trapped gas is a very unpleasant condition that can make you feel a stabbing or sharp pain in the lower chest or the abdomen area. Its high intensity can also get you confused and you may end up consulting the doctor, thinking it’s a heart attack or any other serious problem. 

The common causes of such discomfort may include cramping, bloating, tightness, swelling, and even poor lifestyle and eating habits. Fortunately, you can remove gas from your body by making certain changes in your lifestyle and trying some effective remedies.

Let’s check out some powerful ways to get relief from the trapped gas.

  1. Eat slowly

Consuming food too quickly or while moving can result in swallowing extra air which can result in gas-related pain. If you have a habit of eating fast, then you must consider chewing your food slowly. It will help in breaking down the food in a way that is easy to digest. 

  1. Say no to smoking

Smoking is one of the common causes of trapped gas. It involves inhaling air that enters the digestive tract and getting trapped. This air further builds up the pressure and causes sharp pain and heaviness in the abdomen. Thus, quitting smoking can help you to get relief from gastric issues.

  1. Quit using straws

It is observed that people tend to swallow air while drinking beverages through straws. If you also prefer drinking fluids with the help of straws, then be careful as it can lead to excess gas and bloating. To prevent such occurrences, you can drink in a glass with small sips.

  1. Try fennel seeds

Fennel is listed among the best natural remedies for gas. Including fennel seeds in your daily routine can help to curb acidity and other digestive issues. For better results, try having them with lukewarm water to eliminate gas effectively from your body.

  1. Consider apple cider vinegar

Having apple cider vinegar is very beneficial in releasing trapped gas from your digestive tract. It aids in the production of digestive enzymes and stomach acids to maintain the flow of digestion. By adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to water and drinking it before meals can provide you instant relief from gas and bloating. 

  1. Drink herbal tea

Many people consider herbal teas as the best way to prevent gas and acidity. The most beneficial herbal teas are made from:

  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Chamomile, etc.

It is a traditional remedy to cure digestive issues. Hence, you can integrate herbal teas into your lifestyle to live an acid-free life.


Producing and passing gas is a very normal activity. However, when the bubble of air gets stuck in your digestive system and causes pain, it can be a problematic situation. Fortunately, through the above-mentioned ways, you can easily get rid of excess gas. 
Moreover, if you still continue to struggle with digestive issues then you can also try physical activities, clove oil, probiotics, and some over-the-counter medications. In addition, there are some powerful ayurvedic antacids/remedies like Gas-O-Fast jeera available in the market to get instant relief from the trapped gas.

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