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How to Experience American History on Your Next Road Trip

HomeEducationalHow to Experience American History on Your Next Road Trip

A road trip can be an amazing way to see the country with a few friends or your family members. And if you want to get more out of your road trip experience, you can make it a point to visit important sites of American history along the way. Here are a few great ideas to get you started on planning your next amazing road trip that gives you a taste of American history as you travel around the country.

Travel to Colonial Cities

The earliest history of America as a country is going to be found in the original colonies. Those states are full of rich history that speaks of the country’s beginnings and the future it has coming as the world moves forward. Traveling to some colonial cities can give you exposure to American history in a firsthand way that you can’t get anywhere else. Visiting cities like Boston can help you to learn about how this country began and the people who were involved in the early days of this nation.

Take a Historic Route

You can also increase your historical knowledge by taking your road trip along a historical route. Some ways of crossing the country or moving from state to state have existed since the early days of the US, and following those routes can help you to learn a lot about American history. Some historical routes span the bulk of the country, while others are region specific. For example, route 66 begins in Chicago and ends in Santa Monica, CA. Taking a historical route can help you to see the country in a new way and understand how all of US history fits together.

Follow the Routes of Novelists and Researchers

Many people have spent their careers writing about seeing the country in unique ways. Novelists in particular have cataloged their journeys across the country in compelling books and stories. If you want to see the country in a new way with a historical context, reading a book about an American traveler can help to guide your journey and teach you more about American history.

A road trip gives you the chance to take things slow and enjoy the journey. If you can learn about the United States’ history while you are out, it is even better. You can plan your road trip in tons of great ways that will key you into the nation’s history.

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