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How to Put Yourself Out There to Advance Your Career Goals

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In order to move ahead in your career, you need to be making your own effort. The more you try to put yourself out there, the more likely you are to find new opportunities that will help you achieve your goals. Using a variety of methods to put yourself out there can help further your success. 

Ask for New Opportunities

Sometimes it can be as simple as asking. If you want new opportunities, then talk to any of your superiors and ask them about new opportunities they are aware of. This can include new projects, positions, promotions, and more. If they see that you are willing to take on more responsibility, they will be more likely to recommend you for new opportunities. Even if there aren’t any current opportunities available, you let your superiors know that you are willing and they will probably turn to you first if anything comes up. 

Do a Little Extra

Doing the bare minimum every day isn’t going to get you anywhere. Even just being an average worker won’t help you progress. You need to be making extra efforts at your current job. This will get the attention of those around you. Your boss could notice your extra effort and offer you new opportunities. It’s even possible that your coworkers will see that you go above and beyond and they may mention this to your boss or recommend you for advancement. One of the best ways to move ahead is to show that you’re ready for it. By already making an extra effort, you demonstrate that you can handle more responsibility and that you are a capable worker. 

Beef Up Your Online Profile

There are a lot of websites you can use in order to find jobs and other opportunities. LinkedIn is perhaps the most well-known site. On this site, you can list out all of your past work experience, connect with others in your field, and search out new opportunities. You want to put plenty of effort into your online profiles. Be detailed when filling things out. For each of your past jobs, make sure you are thorough with your responsibilities. Mention any special projects or details that stand out from your experience. It can also be helpful if you quantify your experiences. For example, if you work with clients you could give a rough estimate of the number of clients you’ve seen. There’s lots you can do to improve your online profiles

Network Within Your Industry

Often, the best way to move ahead is through the people you know. Networking with people in your industry is extremely important. If people know you, they are more likely to let you know about new jobs and opportunities. They may also give you priority over complete strangers. There are lots of ways you can begin networking. Attending traditional networking events is a great place to get started. When at these events, you want to put your best foot forward. You can feel beautiful and confident in a modest dress when meeting with professional contacts. Do whatever you can to make you and others feel comfortable and at ease while also maintaining a sense of professionalism. 

Increase Your Education

Another great way to put yourself out there and gain more professional attention is by increasing your education. Sometimes opportunities are limited to people who have certain qualifications. While this might seem like a barrier, it doesn’t have to be. You can easily become qualified by getting more education, finishing a degree, or taking classes. It will take time and effort, but it will be worth it in the long run. Having more education and qualifications will make you stand out amongst other applicants and it can open the door to many new opportunities. 

Do Freelance Work or Consulting

If you feel that you have some level of expertise in your field, then you should consider doing some consulting or freelance work. This is a great way to further develop your skills and give you more experience. Freelance work can also give you experience that you won’t get at your job. For example, freelancing could give you experience with management or overseeing projects and you may not have had the opportunity to do so at your job. Overall, freelance work is a great way to further your skills on your own terms, learn more about your industry, and have more to add to your resume. 

Make Use of Social Media

While there are a lot of great networking and job finding sites, you can also put yourself out there with basic social media accounts. However, you want to make sure you maintain professionalism. Many people have lost out on opportunities due to things they’ve posted in the past that employers didn’t like. Use your social media accounts to demonstrate who you are as a person and highlight some of your career goals and experiences. You can even use social media as a part of your networking and you can connect with others in your field or potential employers. 

Diversify Your Skills

In your career, it’s likely that you have a certain specialty. However, you should also gain some horizontal experience. This means spending time on projects that aren’t directly related to your job specifications. For example, if you work in sales you could also look into ways you could help out with the marketing side of things. Even small experiences can help to diversify your skills and make you more qualified. It’s great to become an expert in something, but you can be more hirable if you have a variety of useful skills related to your field. Plus, if you show initiative by working on other projects, it shows that you are willing to learn more and take on other responsibilities. 

Moving ahead in your career is sometimes left up to you and your efforts. There is a lot you can do on your own to make yourself more marketable and noticeable. Find lots of ways to put yourself out there and see what opportunities come knocking.

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