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SMPP Services Great Benefits in Bulk SMS Marketing

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As more brands and companies are looking to target customers on the move, text SMS is becoming a growing medium for effective multi-channel marketing. However, many leading digital marketing companies featuring SMS messaging as a core offering, their clientele are eventually missing out on communication with targeted customers and increased huge return-on-investment.

The reality is that accessing mobile marketing techniques is far easier and it is totally personalized. One of the core elements of mobile marketing is SMS.  SMPP SMS Gateway and SMPP aggreagator can help you to reach more prospective customers.

With the growing popularity, many gateway providers of India has decided to provide a robust platform to send thousands of messages within few seconds. With the HTTP or JSON API, it is not possible to exchange a high volume of data on the server.  The advent of Short message peer-to-peer (SMPP) by SMPP Service Provider has made everything possible in bulk SMS services. You are almost one who is involved in the SMS industry has heard the term SMPP a couple of times.

SMPP is actually an industry protocol which is actually deploying by telecommunication agencies and other aggregators for exchanging short message data between SMSC (short message service centers) and or ESME (External short messaging entities). SMPP usually allow third parties to submit messages often in bulk and this is the true definition of the term SMPP protocol.

The SMPP Protocol is an open, industry-standard protocol especially provide a flexible data communications interface. Using the SMPP protocol, an SMS application called the ‘External short message entity’ may initiate an application layer connection with an SMSC over a TCP/IP protocol and it may send and receive texts from the SMS center respectively. The ESME may also query, cancel or replace messages using short message peer-to-peer.

Moreover, an efficient, high-performance solution for sending a large volume of messages is widely used by aggregators to deliver SMS marketing campaigns within seconds. Connecting with SMPP one can send around 50-60 messages per second, this actually depends on your SMS gateway provider speed. Smpp aggregator solves the problem of bulk sms gateway.

# Some of the core benefits of SMPP are-

  • As read earlier, it is a standard protocol for transferring SMS data of clients.
  • The SMPP protocol uses client-server application which is successfully tested all over the globe.
  • It supports Unicode messaging, binary and plain texts along with the extended length text SMS.
  • Allows custom sender to be set up.
  • Enables live delivery reports of campaigns sent through SMPP gateway or server.
  • Provides two-way messaging.

By switching your SMS marketing requirement on SMPP gateway you will get an constant connectivity. You need not have to establish a connection every time! It is a growing and convenient way for huge advertising campaigning and cases when speed, scalability and security matters a lot.

So, this is how you can enjoy the amazing advantages of SMPP services into your business. Furthermore, there are some basic terms you need to understand while connecting with SMPP for text messaging marketing.

MC– Message center is an important element in the mobile network because it store, convert, direct and deliver messages.

ESME- External short messaging entity provides connection to a message center.

CBE– Cell broadcast entity is a multi-use control tool which broadcast several SMSes on mobile numbers.

RE- Routing entity is basically a network that connects one MC with another.

You will get an SMPP client or SMPP server to manage your SMS activities. Under the SMPP client you can connectivities of various SMPP account providers and to manage all these functionalities you will need robust & secured SMPP server of any leading gateway provider.

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