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Ideas for Decorating Windows and Around Them

HomeWellnessIdeas for Decorating Windows and Around Them

Window treatment is what it’s called when you decorate or renovate your window. Why do people do that? To make their windows look fancy and stylish because home decor is something everyone is practicing these days in their homes.

Living in the same house and looking at the same window every day gets boring after a while. This boredom may not seem big unless it starts affecting you. It is a reason for demotivate and depression in life which directly and indirectly affects someone’s personal and professional life. A dull house makes you unwilling to stay at home and it also gives negative vibes sometimes. Hence, enchanting decoration in the house should always be a priority. To fetch good vibes and create a newfangled look, window and door decoration is a must.

The good thing about window treatment is you don’t have to do a course in interior design for it. You can easily choose designs from Pinterest and Instagram and purchase similar kinds of items online. Also, customization is a good option where you can choose the kind of curtain you want and add accessories to it.

People who don’t know much about window treatment feel that a good look means changing curtains. But there is more than that, where you can get a new look. Do not belittle window coverings, as they can set the tone for your interior design and even create an external impression.

These under-mentioned ideas will change the usual look of your window into a top-hole aperture:

1. Long curtains

Curtains are a meticulous choice that we make for the windows. Whenever we talk about decorating windows, curtains are the first window treatment that strikes our heads.

Curtain material is also an important factor that we should keep in mind before buying one for the windows. Silk and polyester fabric in curtains looks radiant when matching perfectly to the wall color.

You can also buy different patterned and designed curtains along with plain ones to create a mixed-match effect.

2. Wooden shutters

Install shutters to your windows in order to increase the curb appeal. And now that options are multifarious, it won’t be a problem to select one. Wooden shutters in particular are more budget-friendly and durable. The best part about wooden shutters is you can paint them on your own and can match your house color.

Some of the other materials in shutters for windows are metal shutters, stainless steel, vinyl shutters, etc.

If you notice the appearance of shutters looking dull, do not hesitate to attach curtains or glass to the shutters. They give you total control over the privacy you need and allow you to add decorative treatments of your choice.


3. Matching room wallpapers

Matching your room wallpaper with the window style is an old technique of interior modification.

If you want to give each room a unique treat for the window that matches the furniture, you can do it without changing its wall design. For each room’s wallpaper, you can match the window.

The best tip is to paint your window with no other colors than white. It goes with every kind of sophisticated wallpaper. You can also add a neon bulb or tube light for extra effects at night.

4. Roller blinds

Buy roller blinds for your house and office window, not only because they’re helpful in multiple ways but also because the effect they give to the look is just brilliant. Security Screen Doors Sunshine Coast specializes in all kinds of awnings and verandah blinds with the most difficult problem-solving ideas.

The blinds are elegant, clean, and compact. With them, you can control the amount of sunlight entering the window: half-open, half-closed, etc. Sunlight control also reduces the heat entering the room in the summer months.

Windows and the area around them must look arresting from inside as well as outside. Make a little pedestal outside of the window and put flower pots in it. These flowers can be of many different colors which help in beautifying your house.

Affordable Blinds offers a wide range selection of custom window treatments including blinds, cellular shades, and Roman shades. Check for more details.

5. Window stickers

Window stickers are digitally printed stickers, which can be customized according to your preference. These stickers look sturdy and attractive and since lots of us are pasting these stickers in our houses, it becomes trendy now.

These stickers are of many types, you can put cartoon stickers in your child’s window or some kind of scenery in your own room, something green in the kitchen, and something funky in the living room window.

One of the favorite parts about the wall stickers is that they are removable which allows you to change it according to your mood and seasons.

Chicago’s new window contractor aids in keeping your rooms feeling comfortable without you excessively using the heat or AC.

6. Nude color walls

Be it pink, chocolate, green, and blue every color looks aesthetic when selected in a nude shade. A metallic pink is an unusual option for interiors that can be combined with light purple and blue. These days people love the trend of nude wall colors in their houses. Nude color helps in highlighting other parts of the house.

7. Furniture aside

Putting a sofa under the window used to be the traditional way of the interior. But now, people buy different designs of furniture which can go with the window.

To truly integrate this trend into the life of your home, you can opt for metal accessories in the bedroom that are not too shocking for the wall color. Metal furniture and fabrics add warmth to the home in a cool color and can be easily moved around the house in combination with other styles.

8. Wall hangings and paintings

Wall hangings with elegant finishes create a majestic space to entertain visitors. These hangings can be huge dream catchers or bells and paintings are obviously your personal choice. Family collages beside the window look divine.

However, large windows look more opulent from the outside, but if your house has small windows and is spoiling your interior look then try one of the wall hangings or painting on the sides.

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