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Explore Online Dry Fruits For Stronger Immunity of your Family!

HomeWellnessExplore Online Dry Fruits For Stronger Immunity of your Family!

When it comes to satisfying your taste buds, eating fresh fruit is excellent. But we all know that the dry fruits are no less tasty and healthy. The dry fruits that you used to consider as merely a tasty snack have much more to offer. Packed with all their nutritional values, these delectable snacks are found stored in a box inside every bag.  

Dry fruits are tasty, healthy snacks that can be eaten any time of the day. They are nutritious, filling and have many health benefits. Many people do not realize how beneficial these little snacks are! Come along as we take a look at some of the top reasons to eat dry fruits today.  

Dry fruit is an excellent addition to any diet because they provide you with essential vitamins and minerals without adding extra calories or sugar like other snack foods might. Additionally, eating dried fruit can help promote weight loss which makes them popular among those on diets too. For example: 100g of dates contains only 270kcal but provides almost 20% RDA (recommended daily allowance) for iron which helps keep your immune system strong.  

Gourmet Garden, one of the best producers of natural and premium online dry fruits, offers you so many vitamins and minerals in the form of dried fruits that you can not resist. The hygienic farming, packing, and delivery make it the prime reason to buy from Gourmet Garden.   

Dry fruits are a great snack. They’re tasty, healthy, and they contain a lot of nutrients that your body needs to stay happy and healthy. So if you’re looking for something yummy but also good for you, look no further! We have all the facts about dry fruits here so keep reading! 

Following are some of the quality snacks that are your wholesome source of energy and nutrients.   

Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon is wholly beneficial for your health. From the fruit to the outer covering and the seeds, all are very useful to keep your body well. Earlier, when the benefits were unknown, the seeds were discarded. But ever since people have recognized the significance of watermelon seeds, they have been considered a premium dry fruit. Unlike childhood days, when people scared you when you put the seed in your mouth, today people advise you to consume them daily. They are one of the most nutrient-dense dry fruits that are rich in multiple vitamins and minerals. These include zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, and more. Gourmet Garden contains the best variety of premium seeds that are made with organic methods to keep your health intact.   

Organic Pecans  

Pecan is that category of online dry fruits that has a rich nutty and buttery flavor. It is similar to walnut but has different nutritional properties. These nuts are a powerhouse of vitamins and are a multipurpose ingredient that makes any dish more delectable and flavourful. And what is the best is that raw pecans are cholesterol-free and contain fewer carbohydrates, making them a healthy, satisfying snack. Gourmet Garden produces pecans that are organically rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and fibers that make your body generate strength against heart diseases, arthritis, and diabetes.   

Organic Hazelnuts  

The filbert from the Corylus tree that is the hazelnut is a tasty sweet snack that can be added to various dishes to add flavor and taste. Apart from this, it is also one of the best nuts with a total dose of nutrients. Eaten raw, ground into a paste, or added to dishes, hazelnut offers thiamin, magnesium, copper, manganese, vitamin E, carbs, and proteins altogether. Instead of having oily food as your evening snack, you can munch on these online dry fruits. It will ensure healthy bowel movements, protection against cell damage, and lowering cholesterol.   

Super Figs (Anjeer)  

From the early times, figs have been associated with prosperity and are a source of many vitamins. They are already packed with proteins, and the organic naturoponic farming methods at Gourmet Garden ensure that these online dry fruits do not lose even an ounce of protein. Famous in the Afghan region and a native fruit of the area, figs are a great energy source. They also contain ample amounts of other vitamins and minerals that fulfill the nutrient requirement in your body and make sure that you stay fit and healthy. Used as a dessert ingredient, figs are very famous in other countries too.   

Big Dates  

Who would have not heard about them? They are one of the best and wholesome dry snacks that satisfy your food cravings and do not let your health suffer. They can be both dry as well as fresh, depending on your requirements. But in any form, they are the best source of nutrients. They have a naturally sweet taste, and if they are grown naturally, like in Gourmet Garden farms, they will definitely have a sweeter and delectable taste. A 100 gram serving of these premium dry fruits provides you with a sufficient percentage of all required nutrients.   

Pumpkin Seeds  

Pumpkins may not necessarily be your favorite food item. But when you taste the dried pumpkin seeds, you are likely to fall in love with them. Once you start consuming them, going back is a little impossible. And with the nutritional benefits associated with them, there could rarely be anyone who would stop you from eating them. These small, fattened, green, online dry fruits are a source of nutrients like beta carotene, omega six acids, iron, calcium, folate, and vitamin B2. They also help your body maintain a healthy blood sugar balance.    

Unlike anything else, these high quality of online dry fruits keep you away from those unhealthy foods dipped in oil and condiments that are no good for your body. And this is high time we choose health over anything. So, do not forget to sneak these premium dry fruits into your pockets wherever you go. 

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