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How to Get the Nutrients Your Body Needs

HomeWellnessHow to Get the Nutrients Your Body Needs

In today’s world, it’s entirely possible to be well-fed but also malnourished. The typical diet is dense with calories but often lacking in the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and feel your best. 

Take a hard look at your diet to see if you’re getting the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements.

Take Supplements

Taking supplements can ensure you’re getting certain nutrients every day for long-term health needs. For example, many women take calcium tablets and vitamin D to help prevent osteoporosis. Others will take fish oil, folic acid, magnesium, or CoQ10 for heart health.

Most people are familiar with supplement tablets and capsules sold over-the-counter, but there are also some powdered supplements that you can add to foods you are already eating. Powders made from acai, whey, camu camu, and matcha can be mixed into cereals, smoothies, yogurts, or soups.

Eat a Wide Range of Foods

Your life is busy, and it’s sometimes easier to eat similar foods every day. But if you’ve fallen into a food rut, you’re probably missing essential nutrients. The best way to get everything your body needs is to eat a wide range of foods and mix it up frequently.

Eating by color is one strategy that experts recommend. More colorful foods are often richer in nutrients. And, the most colorful foods tend to be fresh fruits and vegetables. Think about the bright red and blue of berries, the green of broccoli and brussels sprouts, and the orange of carrots and squash.

Watch What You Drink

It’s true that many drinks such as fruit juice and smoothies can be nutritious. But on an average day, you’re probably also drinking empty calories that may be filled with sugar and caffeine. Drinking your calories is not going to give your body the nutrients for optimum health.

At mealtime, replace your drinks with water, and keep a water bottle handy at all times. Switch to herbal tea instead of coffee, especially if you drink it with milk and sugar. And, avoid carbonated drinks, even the “diet” ones.

Everyone enjoys eating, but don’t lose sight of the main purposeā€”to provide your body with the fuel and nutrients it needs to function properly. By making some small changes and additions to your diet, you can ensure you’re getting what you need for your long-term well-being.

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