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5 Benefits of Organic Purple Cabbage

HomeWellness5 Benefits of Organic Purple Cabbage

The purple cabbage is a wholesome vegetable that is perfect for your heart health and digestion. It belongs to the cabbage family and has distinct red, purple-like leaves. The color of the leaves depends on the acidic levels in the soil. If it is more acidic, the leaves will be redder. Other than that, it is one of the best organic vegetables online that you buy.   

It tastes good in any form- raw, cooked, fermented. It is also called the red kraut or even the blue kraut when cooked. And the best fact is that the pigment is also nutritionally valuable. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and has a large number of cancer-fighting flavonoids. The presence of multiple vitamins and minerals makes it a superb dose of immunity. It is also a powerhouse of antioxidants which makes your organs work better. Also, the presence of glutamine amino acid helps reduce the pain and inflammation during ulcers.

Health benefits of purple cabbage  

The purple variety of cabbage is more beneficial when it comes to nutritional health. It has 10 times more vitamin A than green cabbage. And when these vegetables are grown organically, the nutrients only increase. Gourmet Garden offers organic vegetables online, and purple cabbage is one of its many varieties. Their natural farming methods ensure that you can avail of all the benefits mentioned below from the purple cabbage. 

  • Strengthens immune system

The vitamin C packed in the vegetable is a great source of immunity in your body. It boosts your immunity and lets the body fight various disease-causing bacteria and viruses. When our body is capable of fighting diseases to a certain extent, only then can we say we are healthy. Purple/red cabbage makes the most of the nutrients and revitalizes your body to be more robust. 

  • Helps losing weight

Red cabbage has very few calories. It is best to include this vegetable in your diet if you look for all nutrients in one veggie and do not wish to gain weight. The dietary fibers present in it make digestion easier and add the required bulk to stool. It ensures that all the unnecessary items are eliminated from the body. Some various stores and sites offer organic vegetables online. Gourmet Garden is one among them. The red cabbage grown here is completely organic and free from any pesticides or fertilizers.  

  • Prevents increase in cancer

Anthocyanins have excellent cancer-fighting capabilities. Indubitably, red cabbage has tremendous amounts of anthocyanins, antioxidants, and indoles, which help you develop resistance. These antioxidants react against the illness-causing free radicals that are the harmful by-products of cellular metabolism. The indoles help prevent breast cancer in women, while Vitamin A reduces the chances of lung cancer. 

  • It makes your bones strong.

Your bones are the most vital part of your body. These can be termed the building blocks that help you sit, stand, sleep, walk, and everything else. You must see that they get enough calcium and other minerals to sustain. Purple cabbage has all nutrients, including magnesium, calcium, and manganese, essential for bone strength and mineral density. 

  • It helps fight Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

Out of all organic vegetables online, purple cabbage has more medicinal qualities that can even help with Alzheimer’s and arthritis. Purple cabbage protects the cognitive capacities of humans and, if not cured, at least curbs the development of chronic disease. Also, the anthocyanins present in the cabbage prevents pain and swelling in the joints. Including purple cabbage in your diet can help you fight various complications associated with diseases.

  • Takes care of your eyes

Eyes are everything for each one of us. It is vital that we take good care of our eyes now so that we do not have to suffer later. As discussed above, purple cabbage has ten times more vitamin A than green one. Vitamin A is the one that helps your vision stay intact. Purple cabbage is packed with significant amounts of vitamin A, and hence it takes care of your vision. By consuming it daily, you will supersede all risks of night blindness, macular degeneration, and cataract. 

There are endless benefits of incorporating organically grown red cabbage into your daily diet. When it comes to health, we all must understand that the times have proven to be uncertain in the past two years. You must start getting health seriously. And for that, you don’t even have to go out in a crowd. You can order organic vegetables online from Gourmet Garden that ensures you get the best exotic and organic vegetables. We never know what might strike us when. So, it is more than essential to make way for good health and good fruits and vegetables in your home.

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