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5 Essential Tips for Winter Babies

HomeEducational5 Essential Tips for Winter Babies

Winter can be harsh on babies. Babies like to be cozied up, warm, and feel secure, and winter does not offer that. So, to keep your little bundle of joy – bundled up, here are the tips you should follow.

Keep the indoor temperature right

Your baby will be safe and protected from the severe winter winds if you make your home and baby’s nursery cozy and warm. Keep your home’s windows closed and doors securely locked. Additionally, make sure your baby’s nursery and living room are well ventilated. 

However, making the rooms too hot can only be bad for your baby. 

While you may be concerned that the baby is too cold, excessive indoor heating can also be an issue. Low humidity is a problem with indoor heating, and the absence of moisture in the air can dry out your baby’s sensitive skin. 

When your child is asleep, however, you should lower the temperature in the room instead of making it warmer. Lowering the temperature will help the baby’s skin as well as lessen the chance of SIDS, and it is beneficial for adults, too. To keep your baby warm, dress them in a sleeper and a sleep sack.

Dress your baby in layers

Like yourself, you should dress the baby – in layers. Start with a vest, and add a baby sweater or a shirt and a cardigan. Don’t forget the tights under the pants for added warmth. As for the outerwear, choose a good, warm jacket – something like a down jacket, or even a snowsuit if your baby is still under a year old and still not walking. 

Apart from a jacket, baby headwear and scarves are also important. You can opt for a super cute beanie for those extra cold days, a bonnet for some added cuteness, or a bow for warmer days and a stylish baby. 

Have a blanket in your stroller

For longer walks, have a blanket on the ready. Even if you have dressed your baby in layers, they still may be cold due to the lack of movement. If your baby is walking, have a blanket for when they get tired and want to be inside the stroller. The blanket will help keep the warmth of their body and prevent them from catching a cold. 

If your baby is still not walking, wrap them nicely in a blanket before you leave your home, to make sure they will be nice and toasty in the stroller during your walk. 

Wear your baby for warmth

baby and father

Carriers are a terrific way to use your body heat to keep the baby warm during the winter, and your body’s temperature will make sure that they do not need another sweater. Even so, they should keep their heads and feet covered at all times because this is how they lose heat. Make sure your baby’s face isn’t squished against your chest or clothing when you’re wearing them to keep their airway open.

For additional coziness, you can opt for a baby carrier fleece cover – it is adjustable, grows with your baby, and you can take it on and off as you please. This is especially good for when you need to go in and out of your car, and/or you are going to run errands and you know you will be spending time inside a lot. The ability to take the cover off and put it back on is super convenient.

Take off the most outer layers in the car

It may seem odd to remove your baby’s outerwear in the car. However, if there is too much material between the baby and the car seat straps, the material may compress during an accident, leaving space for your kid to become unsecured. Coats are dangerous because they need loosening the car seat harness to allow them, but they can compress in a crash, creating a large space between the strap and the child, increasing the risk of an injury.

Rather, buckle your child into the car seat first, then layer. If you’re going to use a car seat cover, make sure it doesn’t get in between the child and the car seat; instead, it should be draped over the lower half of the baby like a blanket. Alternatively, you can use a blanket or coat (put on top) and then remove it once the car has warmed up to avoid overheating the infant. You can also warm up the car ahead of time to keep your child comfortable.

Winter can be harsh for babies if you do not make them as comfortable as they can be. Let your kids enjoy the winter wonders by following these tips!

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Jasmine Anderson
Jasmine Anderson
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