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How to Design Your Home for Better Relaxation

HomeWellnessHow to Design Your Home for Better Relaxation

Today, everyday life is busier than ever. We spend more time in our offices or on the road than we do in our own homes. Your home should always be an oasis from the rest of the world. A place where you can rest and relax. This article will discuss ways you can design your home to promote better relaxation in your home.

Use Relaxing Colors

The paint colors you choose in your home can have a profound effect on your mood. Dark colors make a space feel cozy but small. Light colors bring a lot of light to a room, but some people feel the environment becomes sterile. For a quiet, more relaxing atmosphere, consider tranquil blues, greens, and grays. These are colors that people naturally associate with relaxing elements of nature. White and beige are also suitable for bringing a calm feeling to a room. Bright colors and busy patterns will make a space feel loud and will make it more difficult to quiet your thoughts. Bright colors tend to energize, you want to have the opposite effect when making your home a more relaxing space.

Use Open Spaces

Creating a space that is truly comforting and soothing requires feeling comfortable in that space. Homes that have small rooms and are closed off feel private, but they can often feel suffocating. Too much emptiness causes stress levels to rise. However, organized, and open spaces increase the natural light and sense of openness. Open floor plans are very popular with homeowners. Open spaces make it easy to develop multiple traffic flow patterns. An open floor plan also helps guests feel more comfortable in social situations. Using open spaces will open your mind to new possibilities and make you feel more controlled with your surroundings.

Add a Yoga Room

Yoga is the perfect exercise routine to help you improve muscle tone and flexibility. However, yoga is also uniquely holistic in strengthening your body, mind, and soul. For many, yoga is an essential retreat from a chaotic and busy life. Yoga offers an opportunity to unwind and build mindfulness. When you add a yoga room in your home, you designate a space that will help you clear your mind. A room that signifies calm will increase your ability to meditate and increase your mindfulness. Yoga is the perfect avenue to help you recenter, recover, and become strong with minimal equipment and space. Set up your yoga room to inspire mindfulness and tranquility.

Create a Backyard Space

Humans naturally have a connection to nature. Fresh air and plants can be healing for the body and the soul. Scientifically, time outside has proven to reduce blood pressure and increase focus. Creaking a backyard space will give you ample opportunities to enjoy being outside in mother nature. Backyard features also let you perform various functions that extend the square footage of your home. A deck gives you space to relax and throw parties at your home. You can enjoy working outside with the earth, or relax in your private oasis when you create intentional space in your backyard.

Remove Clutter

Clutter in a home is distracting and immediately instills a sense of chaos. Clutter easily makes a space feel dirty and disorderly. Clutter naturally produces physical and unconscious chaos. To make your home more relaxing, find smart storage solutions to reduce clutter. Cleaning up your home and getting rid of unnecessary nick-nacks will help you clear your mind and be more productive. Hanging a few family photos will help bring good memories, a sense of comfort and still provide tasteful decoration. Flowers and plants strategically placed can also freshen up your space and make you feel grounded.

Utilize Lighting

Exposure to natural light helps your body produce vitamin D, serotonin, and melatonin. These natural chemicals increase productivity and improve your mental well-being. When the sun goes down, it is easy for your home to become dark. After a long day, your home can quickly become depressing. Utilize lighting in your home to mimic natural light. A room that has multiple layers of lighting can adjust to your mood, aesthetic, and your needs for the time of day. Well-designed lighting will make your home feel more comfortable and suit your everyday needs. Windows that let in natural light during the day can also make a big difference in helping your space feel open and bright.

Choose a Signature Scent

A home that smells good naturally feels cleaner and comfortable. Choose a signature scent for your home that brings back warm memories or helps you clear your mind. Soothing scents include lavender and palo santo. You can either use an essential oil diffuser or an incense burner. You can also mix a spray with water and essential oils to spritz in the air. Creating a signature scent for your home will help you forget the smells and memories you experienced during the day, making for a more relaxing evening.

Reduce Technology

Most people spend a lot of time in front of a computer or phone. Especially during the workday. Screens can strain an individual’s eyes and stimulate your brain without you realizing it. This will make it difficult for you to unwind at the end of the day. Design your home in such a way that technology has its own designated area. A designated space for your tech gadgets will help you separate screen time from personal time. This will subconsciously help cue you for various activities that will help you maintain balance and harmony. Rest your eyes and your mind by reducing technology in areas of your home that are meant to be relaxing.

Whether you are preparing for or coming back from a long day, your home can make a major impact on how the rest of your day goes. Improve your mental well-being by making your home a space of relaxation and comfort. Find what helps you feel calm and implement those elements into designing your home for better relaxation. 

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