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Ocean Marvels of Australia – Best Places to Visit

HomeWellnessOcean Marvels of Australia - Best Places to Visit

Australia is famous for its incredible marine life and it’s one of the best countries if you like swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Let’s mention some of the sea marvels of Australia you can visit and which interesting and unique animals you can see and interact with.

Dipping with dwarf minke whales in Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef is nature’s masterpiece and the only known aggregation spot where you can swim with these animals. Don’t be deceived by their name, they are not small at all since they can be up to 8 meters long. These curious mammals will probably try to interact with you. The best time to visit this part of Australia is in June or July if you intend to swim with dwarf minke whales. Of course, it doesn’t mean they will be there the very day you decide to take a dip. Be sure to spend several days and to have a guide that will help you pick the right moment.

Meet the whale sharks in Exmouth

Larger than dwarf minke whales, these animals can reach 10 meters. They feed through gills which makes them filter feeders. They can be seen in Exmouth, which is famous for Ningaloo Reef, just an hour and 45 minutes flight from Perth. They are attracted by coral spawning which also brings them enough planktons to feed on. The coral spawning season takes place in March and April which makes these two months ideal for a visit.

Have a thrilling experience with white sharks on the Neptune Islands

South Australia sets the perfect scene for thriller lovers since it is one of the places where you can experience the strongest adrenaline rush in your life. This is where the great white shark comes to feed on fur seals. This happens from April to August when the baby seals start entering the ocean. Great sharks are apex predators and can grow up to 4.5-5 meters. If you’re fainthearted this might not be the right experience for you. You would be put in a cage with all the necessary equipment and precaution measures and you would be underwater waiting for it to appear.

Ride with dolphins in New South Wales

Dolphins are favorite animals to many people. In Australia, they can be seen in several places, like Port Stevens, Bunbury, and others. The best period is from October to April if you´re going to South New Wales, but it can vary one month more or less in other locations. These incredibly intelligent animals are very interactive and will approach you in the water. One place in New South Wales that is famous for dolphin swimming is Port Stephens, as we mentioned. Located about 150 kilometers north of Sidney, this place is home for more than 140 bottlenose dolphins.

Take Perth Canyon blue whale watching

This impressive mammal can measure 31 meters and weighs 130 tons. The Perth Canyon is home to this endangered species whose number has unfortunately been reduced to only 12-20,000 remaining around the globe. This is what makes whale watching in Perth even more special. March to May is the ideal time to do this excursion. If this time doesn’t suit you, there is another possibility close to Perth. From January to April, Bremer Bay which is situated in Western Australia offers you the possibility to take an orca tour. Orcas or Killer whales are well-known apex predators and the biggest in the dolphin family. This is another thrilling experience you can have if you are visiting Perth since Bremer Bay is close to this city.

Play with seals on Montague Island

This activity can be done anytime which makes it easier for planning your vacations. Montague Island belongs to South New Wales as well. This nature reserve offers dozens of species of seabird but the main reason to visit it is the fur seal. The one that inhabits this island is the largest in the world. There are more seals during winter and spring, but as we mentioned whey can be spotter the whole year.

Have a bath with sea lions on Eyre Peninsula

Sea lions are similar to seals with bigger flippers that allow them a little more mobility. They have puppy-like behavior and are so friendly. The Eyre Peninsula in South Australia has crystal clear waters that will make the most enjoyable experience while playing with sea lions. Kangaroo and Neptune Islands are their habitat as well. Just like seals, they are there the whole year round, but sadly their number has decreased due to hunting and them tangling in the fishing nets. This makes this experience even more unique since these lovely animals can only be seen in Australia, and are endangered species.

Snorkel with turtles

Turtles can mostly be seen on the Great Barrier Reef which includes Mon Repos, Lady Musgrave Island, Heron Island, Wilson Island, etc. They can be seen year-round, however, you have to know their cycles. They are nesting from November to January and hatching from January to March. The latter is the best period if you want to see baby turtles. The largest nesting place is Bundaberg. You can see loggerhead turtles and green and flatback turtles as well. It is easy to spot them once you get to the snorkel.

Swim with giant cuttlefish in Whyalla

From May to August you can look for these intriguing animals in Southern Australia. These mollusks are covered with interesting patterns and have shining colors which can’t pass unnoticed, not to mention they can change their appearance to adapt to the environment. Their annual breeding takes place near Whyalla where snorkelers can see them gathering.

If you are visiting Australia or you already live in this country, don’t hesitate to book at least one tour that includes some of these excursions. The professionals can make your experience wonderful since everything will be taken care of. Some of the animals you could see cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, so don’t waste the opportunity to visit these places.

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