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How Are Modern Intranets Improving the Onboarding Experience for Remote Employees?

HomeTechnologyHow Are Modern Intranets Improving the Onboarding Experience for Remote Employees?

An effective onboarding process is critical for providing the new hire with a great experience. Ultimately, it impacts the employee retention rate. Ranging from increased employee engagement and productivity to building a strong relationship with a new employee, there are several benefits of a strong employee onboarding process.

However, unfortunately, many organizations don’t pay attention to their onboarding process. As a result, they have to deal with high turnover rates. According to research, around one-third of organizations don’t have a structured onboarding process in place, whereas 76% of HR managers reported that the onboarding process is highly underestimated at their companies.

If you think your organization has a poor onboarding process and are seeking ways to improve it, you are at the right place. In this guide, we will discuss how to improve an outdated employee onboarding process.

Top 4 ways to improve the employee onboarding process

  • Take a proactive approah

The best way to improve the employee onboarding process is to take a practical approach with both planning and communicating. You should not wait until the employee’s first day to engage them. Instead, start engaging with them in advance over email. Not only this will make it easier for the employee to understand their job duties, but it will also give them a sense of what they can expect from your organization.

For instance, you can send the new employee a welcome email that includes a welcoming note and all the paperwork and other crucial details that they may need on their first day. It includes information regarding what to bring, what to wear, and a new-employee onboarding checklist. Not only this will help your new team members prepare for the new job but also reduce their stress.

  • Provide a proper orientation

 Many companies consider onboarding and orientation to be the same, but there is a very small line of difference between the two. An onboarding process includes all the administrative tasks, such as filling out new hire paperwork. On the other hand, orientation includes:

  • A tour of the facility, including bathrooms, parking, pantry area, conference rooms, etc.
  • An introduction to company tools and technology, like a desktop, email address, etc.
  • A brief overview of company goals and mission
  • A review of company culture and expectations.

No matter why you want to improve your onboarding process, make sure you include your remote employees as well. You can use screen-sharing software to provide virtual office tours and more. You can use a modern onboarding tool to ease the paperwork process. Not only can these tools automate various redundant tasks, but your new employees can easily access tutorial videos and step-by-step guides to understand their job duties and reach their goals.

  • Personalize the training process

Since every employee is different, it is wise to personalize the onboarding process. So, you should provide every new employee with the relevant data and material that are specifically designed as per their job profile. In order to personalize the new hire employee onboarding experience, you can create surveys on your user onboarding software to identify the issues the new hire is facing or to gain insight into their task management, time management, training, etc. Not only will this lead to employee satisfaction but also reduce the employee turnover rate.

  • Make it a social experience

The biggest challenge new hires face is to socialize with their team members. So, you have to provide the new employee with opportunities to interact with their colleagues and encourage them to participate in conversations. Not only this will make them feel valued but also promote the company culture. Whether your new hires are in-house or remote, your employee intranet can help you encourage new hires to collaborate with their team members.

The Bottom Line

Today, there are several internal communication software that can help you reshape your employee onboarding process. So, if you really want to transform your onboarding process, make sure you implement the best intranet solution within your organization. Apart from being a great onboarding tool, it is a great way to enhance employee engagement and collaboration. So, it is worth implementing an intranet within an organization.

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