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6 Tips for Caring for Someone After Knee Replacement Recovery

HomeWellness6 Tips for Caring for Someone After Knee Replacement Recovery

Knee replacement recovery can become even more challenging without any help from friends and family members. The first few days after the knee replacement surgery are the most difficult. The person who has undergone surgery may feel tired and in pain.

Apart from this, they can also feel frustrated and scared due to the pain they are going through. Also, they can’t do their chores on their own. This is where they need you the most. It is important to be patient with them, and here are the six tips that you can follow to know about post knee surgery care.

Begin with the basics

You should prepare the home ahead of time to ensure a smooth knee replacement recovery. You can set up a recovery room on the ground or the first floor. All the things you may need in post knee surgery care should be available in this room. These things can include the following: –

–         A bedside urinal or commode if the bathroom is not accessible

–         Pillows to elevate the lower leg

–         Icepacks for after knee surgery care

–         A bed that is not very high or low off the ground

–         A walker or crutches, and comfortable sleepwear

–         Bandages for dressings

–         Lights with easy controls  

Apart from the things listed above, you should also ensure that you stock up on food and other useful items. You should also remove the items from the floor that can cause a fall.

After knee surgery, care with wounds and medications

To ensure a speedy recovery after the knee replacement surgery, you must ensure that the person takes all the medicines on time and as their healthcare professional has prescribed. You can help gather the medications and ensure that your loved one takes the medicines on schedule.

Apart from the medications, you will need to monitor the wound for any inflammation or swelling. If the wound is getting redder or swollen, has an odor, or begins draining, you should seek medical care immediately. Also, wash your hands properly before and after touching the bandages.

Helping with medical appointments

You can keep a calendar to help you track the daily needs of the person. It will also help you stay on time with your appointments.

You have to be very careful with your appointments, as missing an appointment can lead to major setbacks and other complications. Therefore, it is important to take note of their follow-up visits and plan accordingly.

Apart from keeping track of appointments, you may have to drive the person to their healthcare professional as they will not be able to drive for the first four to six weeks after knee surgery.

Help with household chores  

One of the most important parts you have to play during post knee surgery care is helping the person with household chores. For several weeks after surgery, the person won’t be able to stand for a long period. Therefore, it can be difficult for them to complete the household chores on their own. Hence, family members should take on some of these chores, or they can also arrange outside help.

Apart from cleaning, you should also assist them with shopping or meal preparation for a few days. You can consider preparing frozen meals beforehand. Also, it is important that your loved one eats nutritious food, takes the prescribed medications on time, and gets plenty of rest during their knee replacement recovery period.

Take care of rehab and exercises

It is important that your loved one participates in exercises and activities that their doctor has provided. However, adhering to a rehab plan can be critical. It varies from one person to another, according to their condition. It includes walking for 30 minutes twice or thrice a day for many people. Their doctor can also recommend exercising for 20-30 minutes two to three times a day.

After knee replacement, the person may find it difficult to walk or exercise. They may express the unwillingness to continue the exercises, but you should remind or motivate them to continue exercises for speedy knee replacement recovery. You can also help them track their efforts, results, and progress to motivate them.

List the questions you want to ask from medical professionals

You may have several questions after the surgery and during the rehabilitation that you need to ask your healthcare professional. You can note all the questions as they arise so that you do not forget to ask any of these questions when you meet the professional.

Final Thoughts

We hope that after going through the information given above, you can help your loved one during their Knee replacement recovery period. You can follow the post knee surgery care tips given above and understand what not to do after knee replacement to ensure a faster recovery.

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