5 Effective Office Design Tips to Boost Employee Productivity

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    As the world shifts the way people work, most companies are assessing the most effective ways to boost employee productivity. According to Business Wire, there was a 47% increase in productivity in 2020, and more employees worked remotely from home. However, not all organizations support the new norm of working from home.

    Making your company comfortable and offering a pleasant working space is essential as a business owner. Creating an office should be done in a way that makes your staff physically and psychologically comfortable. Research shows that employees’ productivity is directly linked to how their physical setup looks. Here are the top office design tips to boost your employees’ productivity.

    1. Have a Proper Air and Temperature Circulation

    Provide an airy, well-lit office with excellent ventilation to boost your staff’s productivity. Even if the office is jam-packed, there should be no irritability or packed-up feeling. Additionally, controlling temperature is vital due to weather’s uncertainty. For instance, suppose the weather is scorching or chilly. In that case, you need to install functional insulators and good resistance windows.

    Besides improving employees’ health, good air quality enhances productivity and focus. Therefore, ensure there is quality air circulating in your office. Else, install air purifiers and air filters to improve air quality if the office setup is a closed space. Adding plants is an excellent way of ensuring good air circulation within the office.

    2. Use the Right Furniture in the Control Room

    In a control room setting, operators need to assess several things, such as weather forecasts, surveillance cameras, and data processing concurrently. Things may become complex because different information because other info is relayed on separate systems through procedures, keyboards, and dedicated monitors. An operator has to move between different displays to get an incredible view of the different systems.

    It is unnecessary to wander. As a result, you need to opt for a new control room design that creates alertness, lowers fatigue, and improves the employees’ overall health and well-being. For instance, you can customize the workspaces to individual scenarios and users, regulate all functionalities from one keyboard, or even create a compelling information overview.

    3. Make the Office Look Spacious

    It’s hard to go wrong with minimalistic designs. Always choose closed desks and shelves to fit your documents and other essential accessories. If you want to improve the mood and create a clutter-free experience, you should avoid using deluxe statues on the floor or other accessories. Instead, make the staff feel fascinated to keep the office organized and clean by providing exciting trash bins and simple file organizers.

    Additionally, you can include variations in the office spaces to make the staff feel energized and refreshed when accomplishing their tasks. If you think that the office is congested and tiny, consider the tips you can follow to make it more personalized and brighter.

    4. Use Artificial Lighting Appropriately

    Lighting is necessary for your office to make the staff focused and feel rejuvenated in their work. However, it has pros and cons. While good lighting boosts employees’ productivity, bad lighting leads to fatigue, headaches, and bad eyesight. Therefore, you should carefully think about office lighting and only invest in the ideal light types. Always use lights that naturally blend with the office environment and ambiance.

    5. Install Noise Pollution Panels at Different Places

    Some offices are located in crowded and busy places, resulting in excessive noise that affects the setup. Studies show that an increase in noise levels in office setups negatively impacts the employees’ performance and personality. The worst thing about noise is that it can significantly increase your workers’ stress levels. Therefore, counter this problem by designing the office environment with noise pollution panels that absorbs sound.

    Why it is Essential to Improve Employee Productivity via Office Design

    It is a fact that office design determines the employees’ productivity levels. Indeed, it directly impacts the organization’s productivity. An ineffective layout can reduce mental focus, create a lazy vibe, and an awful productive flow. Luckily, you can regulate these adverse inhibitors by revitalizing the office space to create an excellent environment for employees, keep them focused and efficient, and stimulate high productivity levels. Use the tips mentioned above to rejuvenate your office.

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