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Master the Art of How to Pack for your Move with these Tips

HomeWellnessMaster the Art of How to Pack for your Move with these...

It’s tiring, stressful, and overwhelming – but packing your entire household in one day is not impossible. Moving house is generally a stressful process. Therefore, most of the guides and tips tell you to take your time and plan everything in advance. However, there are times where that is simply impossible to do – you suddenly need to relocate and pack everything on short notice. Trust us; it seems more complicated than it actually is. Take a deep breath and read our tips on how to pack for your move in one day and protect your sanity.

Stay calm

The key to short-notice, stressful situations such as moving is to stay calm and not panic. It will only take your precious time away and make you more confused than ever. This is the time to be realistic about your time, goals, and possibilities and make the most out of your moving day. For that reason, be sure to take a deep breath and start making plans to do this as efficiently as possible. And we’re going to help you organize your day of packing.

Start with a checklist

Some people underestimate the power of checklists, thinking they can manage everything without them. Unfortunately, they tend to forget tasks and make an even bigger mess. It would be best if you thought of your one-day move as an important project, and a moving checklist can guide you through it. If you have a system when you need to organize a last-minute move, it will be easier to relocate on short notice hassle-free. Writing down everything you need to do, pack or purchase will ensure you don’t forget something important, track your progress, and see where you need some help. Start with listing all of the tasks on a piece of paper or your phone. Then, tick off tasks as you finish them. It will serve as a system to survive this day without stress, sticking to the plan you’ve made in the first place.

See who can help you out

It’s not easy to find help on such short notice, but it’s worth trying. More people can do a large amount of work in less time, which is why you should ask friends or family to help you out. Take a look at your checklist and see what the tasks you can assign to other people are. This way, everybody stays organized and knows what they should do. Also, hiring professionals is essential in these situations. Professional companies have skilled teams ready, so you should contact them to take care of your items and deliver them safely to a new address. Apart from moving experts, cleaning professionals can save you a lot of time as well.

Get necessary supplies beforehand

To save time, use the night before the packing day to buy all the necessary supplies. Make sure you have enough moving boxes, tape, scissors, packing protection such as packing paper and peanuts, and some markers for labeling the boxes. If it turns out you don’t have enough boxes, there are some clever ways to pack your items – there are things in your home that can serve as a perfect container. Laundry basket, gym bags, tote bags, suitcases, etc.

Start early

Don’t start your packing day late. Wake up as early as possible so you can do everything you need and pack for your move in one day. It’s the day when you shouldn’t waste any time, so an early start is necessary.

Pack systematically

When it comes to packing, you need to have a system. There are a couple of steps that can help you be as efficient as possible. Here are the main packing tips you should know.

One room at a time is the best way to go

If you want to stay organized and waste no time, it’s best to pack one room at a time. It will help you track your progress better and make sure your items are packed so you can easily sort them out when you arrive at the new house.

Get rid of everything you don’t need

Decluttering is the crucial step of packing efficiently. As you put items into boxes, set aside all the things you no longer use or need. It will ensure you make more room in the new house, pack less and lower your moving costs. You can recycle, give away or donate these items, depending on their condition and purpose.

Label the boxes

Moving in a hurry needs as much guidance as possible. One of the details that can help you out is labeling the boxes as you pack them. When you seal each box, write what’s in it on the lid and which room the box should go to. It will help movers sort the boxes as they deliver them to the new house, but also help you unpack.

Take care of your fragile items

The fact that you need to pack for your move in one day doesn’t mean you should not take it slow with the fragile and breakable items. To avoid damage and additional costs, be sure to pack and wrap them to make sure your breakables are safe during transport. Also, moving furniture will demand some extra attention. Keep your wooden pieces safe from damage as well. Even though these are not easily breakable, wooden furniture is susceptible to moisture, scratches, etc. Be careful when packing and transporting it, so you don’t cause any damage and ruin your valuable pieces.


Having to pack for your move in one day is indeed challenging, but it’s surely not impossible. A realistic, peaceful approach to this challenge will ensure you use your time wisely and do more. Multitasking skills will be beneficial throughout this day, so use them wherever you can. With the solid plan, a couple of helpful hands, you will be in your new home in no time, with all boxes neatly packed.

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Myla Jacklyn
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