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Uses and Benefits of Hanging Scales to solve problems

HomeBusinessUses and Benefits of Hanging Scales to solve problems

What are hanging scales?

The term hanging scales applies to a wide variety of digital and mechanical scales that can be used by hand or suspended from a fixed position to weigh objects. This includes spring and crane scales, too.

How to Use Hanging Scales

  1. Make sure that your scale is clean and free from dust and debris.
  2. Check if the scale is calibrated.
  3. Prepare the item to be weighed.
  4. Make sure that the item has a secure attachment or handle where the hanging scale is to be hooked.
  5. Place the item on the ground or any level surface.
  6. Use the suspension hook of the hanging scale to hold or attach the item.
  7. Recheck if the hook, as well as the attachment, are ready for lifting.
  8. Gradually lift the item by the handgrip or shackles at the top of the scale.
  9. Keep the lift steady for a few seconds.
  10. Check the LED monitor for the weight of the item.
  11. Repeat the process for all the items you need to weigh.

Uses of Hanging Scales

Depending on the type of hanging scale that you are using, it can be used in many retail, commercial, industrial and manufacturing establishments. The best thing about hanging scales is that they offer versatility and flexibility. And they can thrive in different kinds of environments.

1.    Retail

Analog dial spring scales are what you mostly see in marketplaces. These are best for retail businesses that sell products by weight such as fruits, vegetables and other commodities. In some cases, small scale sellers use the linear spring scale for weighing capacity of up to 5Kg.

2.    Farm and Agricultural

Hanging scales are also common in farming or other agricultural undertakings. Whether you need to weigh crate loads of fruits and vegetables or whole meat cuts, hanging scales can be very helpful. This type of weighing system is ideal for oddly-shaped products, hence, making it very useful for agricultural applications.

3.    Industrial

Crane scales are the best type of hanging weighing system for industrial use. If you need to get the correct proportion of cement or gravel in your mixtures, you can use crane scales to weigh bags of cement, sand and gravel.

4.    Logistics

Mail duffle bags, package boxes and other large parcels can be weighed with hanging scales. For larger entities such as shipping containers, crane scales are the best kind to use. It can also weigh vehicles to ensure weight accuracy and precision when shipping them across the seas.

5.    Manufacturing

Steel or car manufacturing companies mostly use crane scales for their weighing needs. This gives them better leverage to ensure that the products follow the standard size and weight.

6.    Airports

While some airports use platform scales others still rely on the accuracy of hanging scales when weighing luggage and packages. They help ensure that the plane will not go over its weight capacity, thereby, assuring passengers and flight personnel safer travels.

Features of Hanging Scales

●      Robust

Hanging scales are manufactured with stainless steel mechanisms to ensure that they can withstand even the harshest type of environment. This makes them ideal for farms, ranches, construction sites, manufacturing companies and other industrial applications.

●      Battery Operated

Digital hanging and crane scales are typically battery-operated, so they can be used even during power interruptions. This means that businesses that rely on production by weight do not have to stop their operations in case there are electricity outages.

If you are worried that battery use can add up to expenditures, you don’t have to worry about it. Hanging scales use batteries optimally and most batteries used for these scales are rechargeable so they can be used for longer hours or days than other kinds of batteries. For wireless digital hanging scales, battery life is displayed on the LCD.

●      Tare Function

Tare function allows excluding the weight of the net, basket, box, and other containers used to hold loads. Similarly, the units and other relevant information can be readily seen on the LED screen of hanging scales.

●      Wireless Innovation

As the world is gearing up towards innovation, more advanced hanging scales are engineered with remote controls and wireless LCDs. You can get a weight reading even from afar, making hanging scales more convenient to use.

Check out the MDM-W Dynamometer, an ultra-portable and compact crane scale with a hands-free LCD display. This can surely provide significant innovation to your industrial weighing system built for the maximum capacity.

●      Portability

The compact design of hanging scales makes them easier to transport and install in any location. They are truly portable, hence, very useful if scale movability is a requirement for your industry.

●      Exceptional Precision

The primary reason why many businesses, establishments and firms rely on hanging scales is accuracy and precision. Many of the hanging scales use strain gauge load cells that provide tried-and-tested results despite being known as an old-weighing technology.

When any of the features are what you look for in scales, go for hanging scales. Whether you are in a retail business or manufacturing company, hanging scales can help create innovation in your establishment.

Contact Meltrons Australia for easy to use hanging and crane scales!

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