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Key Tips to Consider before choosing the right Aluminium Doors

HomeEducationalKey Tips to Consider before choosing the right Aluminium Doors

A dream home can be transformed into an oasis of elegance and security with the right aluminium doors and windows. Many Aussie homeowners prefer aluminium doors because of the many benefits they can get from them.

Aluminium doors are known for their durability and robustness. It can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions and environmental factors. The latest aluminium technology involves the use of a powder finish coating that makes it corrosion and rust-resistant.

Tips for Aluminium Doors

Essentially, aluminium doors provide wonders and aesthetic appeal to your home. So, below are tips that you may want to consider in choosing the right aluminium doors and in maintaining them.

When Choosing Aluminium Doors

  1. Unlike the initial plain grey and boring look of aluminium, manufacturers of aluminium have come up with better engineering capabilities that enhance the quality and malleability of aluminium. So, choose the right design and colour that will match the aesthetics of your property.
  2. Take advantage of the different and trending styles of aluminium doors. They no longer come in the old-fashioned and common swing doors attached through hinges. You can now choose from bi-fold and sliding doors.
  3. If you want a more lucrative partition for your kitchen, a bi-fold aluminium door is highly recommended. You can open the partitions by sliding the panels to one side of the kitchen and have a seamless connection to the living or dining room.
  4. Instead of the usual uPVC bathroom doors, why not try the smoked glass with an aluminium encasement sliding door? This offers a more elegant structure of bathrooms, especially those in master bedrooms.
  5. If you are concerned about security, the more that you should opt for aluminium doors. These types of doors are durable and designed with locking systems that ensure the safety of your household.
  6. When choosing aluminium doors, check those that are tailored with thermal fittings to guarantee that you will remain cozy and comfortable inside your home despite the extreme cold or hot weather inside.
  7. Consequently, thermal fittings can also help ward off exterior noises that will make you enjoy a quiet and restful afternoon over a book and a cup of tea.
  8. Aluminium is known to be low-maintenance. However, with the more advanced technology of manufacturers, they can now come in different designs. And although ergonomic designs are functional and appealing, always look for the right design that will also fit your schedule for regular cleaning and maintenance.
  9. Lastly, choose the aluminium door that will fit your budget. Although this type of door is known to offer cost-efficiency, its wide array of sizes, designs, and styles also offer varying costs.

When Maintaining and Cleaning Aluminium Doors

  1. Schedule your maintenance on a day when it’s not too hot or when it’s not raining. It helps to avoid cleaning your aluminium and glass doors on a sunny day. The heat of the sun can easily dry up the door materials leaving streak marks on them.
  2. Collect and prepare all the correct cleaning and maintaining materials. Although aluminium is robust, it still needs proper care and maintenance. Keep in mind that maintenance should prolong the longevity of your door and not otherwise.
  3. Although there is no hard rule about how often you should clean aluminium doors, it is highly recommended that regular cleaning be done every other month. For doors with glass panels, you may clean the glass monthly.
  4. While aluminium is tailored to withstand even the harshest environment, it can still get stains, scuffs and grimes as a result of daily use. A liquid cream or paraffin cleaner is one of the superior ways of removing scuffs and small marks.
  5. Remember not to use abrasive chemical solutions to aluminium doors as it can damage their powder finish. The best way to clean them is to add detergent into a pail of warm water and scrub it with a soft cloth or sponge.
  6. For anodised aluminium frames, simply use ink rubber when you have difficulty removing the stubborn marks.
  7. Maintain the tracks of your aluminium door by brushing out the dirt, dust and debris of the channels where the sashes slide. Remember to use a stiff-bristled brush. You may also opt to use a vacuum cleaner that can suck even the tiniest dirt in the corners of the door sill.
  8. If you have issues with creaking hinges or noisy tracks, you may apply a silicone-based lubricant to your aluminium doors.
  9. Similarly, use silicone-based lubricants to recondition lock cylinders. You may also apply lightweight lubricating grease such as WD-40 to the key for easy insertion. This way you can ensure that the locking security for your doors is achieved optimally.
  10. Lastly, combine about 300g of powder detergent, 300g of Trisodium Phosphate with little white vinegar and 3 litres of water then brush the surfaces of the aluminium door with mildew build-up using a soft brush and wash with clear water.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can take advantage of the remarkable qualities and features of aluminium doors.

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