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5 Ways to Make Sure You Hire the Best IT Specialist

HomeBusiness5 Ways to Make Sure You Hire the Best IT Specialist

Finding good IT specialists is not the problem, but finding the best specialists for your specific situation is. There are all kinds of specialists out there, and getting just any single one won’t do the trick. You need to be able to narrow down your choices to those who fit your company the most.

1) What is the Type of IT Specialists That You Need?

There are multiple types of IT specialists that can really change the criteria for the person you are looking for. Here are some:

• Network System Administrator

A person who will manage your computer network while helping the other employees set up their systems and fix any issues that might arise. This person is key to the data integrity of the business. Today, this person also assists remote employees with their technology usage.

• IT Project Manager

As the title might imply, this is the person who is responsible for making sure IT projects go as planned. They differ from the rest in the sense that their highlighted quality is people management skills.

• Computer Network Engineer

A network engineer is a person who is tasked with constructing and designing networks to efficiently manage the technology that your company uses. This person is especially useful when trying to connect remote workers with your offices.

If you are looking for a wide variety of services in IT support, then Platform 24 should be your next click.

2) Create Attractive Incentives

Despite popular belief, money isn’t everything. Sometimes, just getting rid of painful process steps can really motivate people to work for a company. This can come in many forms, from promoting innovative and unique projects to having a sports facility at the ready for games from time to time. Even promoting team-building games can have a noticeable increase in company morale. Retention rates increase with the number of benefits that the employees receive. If you secure meals for them over a flat small pay increase, you will be investing the money more wisely.

It is noticeable that some benefits are a lot more attractive than others. People will, generally, be more appreciative of the option for remote work over football Fridays (even though this is a cool option). The tricky thing is finding the right benefits that will have people swarming to you, wanting to be a part of those excellent programs.

In reality, though, any benefits that make life easier for the employee or help them feel more at home in the company is a good plan that is worth venturing into.   

3) Involve Actual IT Experts in the Hiring Process

It is all too common that companies will have a manager or sometimes even a stakeholder conduct the interview. While their opinion is important, having the actual experts in on the hiring process will always lead to you avoiding a terrible mistake, one that couldn’t have been seen by anyone other than an expert in the field in question. This is the main reason why the market is filled with people who have actual years of experience in the field but almost no actual knowledge and talent in the field.

4) Invest in the Students

Every business owner wants to have a top team to work with from the start. But the thing is, you need to secure talent because it is not easy to come by, and the best way of doing so is by seeking talent out. Senior specialists are already taught a certain style of work and are hard to change on it. This will lead to some personality clashes down the line. Meanwhile, younger programmers are eager to learn and get new experiences that will help them build up their careers (with you by their side). This way, not only will you be able to give them valuable experience, but by being there for them through the entire road, you all but assure their loyalty to you as long-lasting employees.

A large factor that should convince you is the fact that millennials are the most educated generation, as shown in research done by the PEW Research Center. So, today’s students will be tomorrow’s most educated workers. Grabbing them while they are young will be the best way to secure a lead in the industry.

5) Referrals, Referrals, and More Referrals

Referrals remain one of the safest and most concrete ways of making sure that your candidate has got what it takes to be in your company. People can spot talent. Over time, as their social capital increases, they get tracked easier by eager firms looking for fresh talent. The best referrals that you should be listening to are those from fellow experts in the field in question or from colleagues you trust. Referrals, aside from being beneficial to both sides, also allow for a quicker integration into the team since they will feel more comfortable in the firm because of people they know already working there.

Bonus Tip: Mobility Assistance

Moving is not exactly an easy task for people. Nor are they always willing to move for a job opportunity. With this in mind, you need to be able to convince your employees-to-be why they should move to follow your lead in a company they know nothing about. This is why offering mobility assistance to potential employees can dramatically boost their courage and make them want to join you. We all need a little push from time to time, and when doing such a heavy thing as moving, doing something like this can really turn the balance the other way. Yes, you will be committing funds to this program, but if it helps you secure high-quality employees, it is worth every dime.

That would be it for this article. Hopefully, you have found new and inspiring ways to find the right kind of IT specialists that you need for your company. Best of luck!

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