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How to Start a Handyman Business? Steps to Follow

HomeTechnologyHow to Start a Handyman Business? Steps to Follow

The current era demands us to be adaptive to change. This goes true for businesses too. Take, for instance, could you have thought that there could be an app that would assist you in getting tasks like house cleaning, appliance servicing, etc., done immediately? No, I presume. With the advent of solutions such as TaskRabbit, it became easy to perform tasks within a few minutes. This was responsible for the popularity of Uber for handyman services.

As you read the article below, you will get an idea of the factors that makes these services available, followed by the pros and cons of starting them. You will get a list of steps you should follow when you start the venture, introducing you to the on-demand handyman app.

So, let us begin this exciting journey. Reading it, you will get the desired aid to give your venture a competitive edge with the solution.

Factors Responsible for the Popularity of the Handyman App

  • Prompt services within hours of booking
  • Available 24*7, the app allows customers to get their different equipment fixed seamlessly.
  • Creates brand image for the handyman business with maximum users getting knowledge of services the venture provides
  • Opens avenues of lucrative job opportunities for the handyman by allowing them to list out the services they provide online
  • Ensures customers can make cashless payments saving them from the woe that they do not have cash at their perusal.

With the idea of the factors that make the handyman app so popular, you can understand that starting the business has lucrative scopes indeed.

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In the lines below, we discuss the pros and cons related to starting the venture.

Pros and Cons of Starting a Handyman Business


  1. Is flexible. Allows business owners to start small, and manage the different aspects of their business on their own
  2. Is rewarding. This is because the business gets the flexibility to solve different issues that customers face like fixing electrical appliances, etc.
  3. With high gross margins, therefor business growth and cost management become an easy task to perform
  4. Possessing a simple business model, therefore launch and build is a convenient process

Knowing the different pros it is necessary to have an idea of its cons too. This is because it is probable that setting it up has some downfalls too.


  1. Competition is huge. This affects the contract-winning process for the business.
  2. Unhappy clients. Despite services being praiseworthy, clients may not be happy. This might lead them to pay less or meagerly.
  3. Repetitive tasks. It might occur that when you operate the business, the same line of service might be necessary to deliver over and over again.
  4. Difficulty finding clients. In the startup stage, it becomes difficult to locate clients and start delivering services to vouch over the quality of the offerings you provide.

So looking at these cons, you may have a question, what solution is best to use to mitigate the mishaps from taking place. The answer to this is the Uber for handyman app.

Using the solution, you can successfully revolutionize your operations, ensure customers get quick handyman services, and ascertain that you can generate maximum revenues.

In the lines below, we discuss the steps you can follow to set up your home service venture with the aid of the solution.

How to Start a Handyman Business with the Uber for Handyman App?


Have a Plan

It is first critical you have a plan. Make sure this plan is solid. This means you must get an understanding of the goals you want to achieve through the app you develop. This follows next by obtaining a perspective on ways your solution will simplify how customers avail of the services.

Assess Your Goals

The next crucial step to making your on-demand handyman app development journey pleasant is to assess goals. This means you know the kind of app you want to develop, the features you want to add, and the way you will generate more revenues through the end solution. Last, it is necessary to check the operation of the app. In other words, check how the app works. Once these areas are analyzed well, you can enter the app development journey.

Perform Competitor Research

Conducting research is extremely important when you build this solution for automating how you develop home service app. Therefore, make sure to perform this task by getting answers to the questions below-

  • What services do competitors offer?
  • What are the charges competitors charge for the services?
  • How does the handyman business advertise its services?
  • What are the strategies adopted by the venture to make them stand out from its competitors?

With answers to all these questions, you can go ahead. Get in touch with the on-demand handyman app development company. I explain the same in detail in the lines below.

Connect with Handyman App Development Company

After you have conducted robust competitor research and market analysis to assess the scope of developing the app, you must connect with a handyman app development company.

Try researching on sites like GoodFirms, and Clutch. CrowdReviews etc. This will help you find the best organization to streamline this task. Check their portfolio to get knowledge of the projects they have developed in the past and understand the payment structure for the development team when you connect with them.

It is equally ideal you check if they have expertise in building a ready-to-launch customizable solution. This will give you the information if you can achieve scalability according to your changing business needs and ensure you can deliver services seamlessly through the end solution you develop.

With the idea of these aspects, you now need to know the cost that you would have to incur for this task. Building an app from scratch is time and finance-consuming. Therefore, you must economize these two.

How do you perform this task? By knowing the estimated budget. Read the lines below to get an idea of the finances that you have to allocate for this task to ensure the app development journey remains pleasant.

Estimated Cost to Develop Handyman App

As a startup, when you develop the handyman app to digitize the way you provide home services, remember you need to keep the end solution as simple as possible. Hence, work towards including only those features necessary for making the offerings easily accessible. However, if we have to get an estimate of the area, the average cost will be between $14,000 to $22,000.

Note – Based on advanced features, the design, etc., costs will go up automatically.

Solution – Get the Ready-to-Launch Uber for Handyman App

The Uber for handyman app is a ready-to-launch customizable solution that allows the handyman business to scale up their operations in a manner that is at par with their future business requirements. Possessing unique features within- the customer, the service providers, and the enterprise can perform different operations. The business also receives support to gain a competitive edge.

Key Takeaways

Reading the article- you understand the profitable scope of starting a handyman business. It is ideal you thus harness the use of the app. With the solution predicted to assist the home service industry to generate revenues greater than $4.75 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 60.77%, it is worth adopting. Doing so will ensure customers can conveniently connect with handyman nearby and get assistance like appliance servicing, plumbing, etc., done fast.

Check the features whose inclusion will allow app operations on the end-solution to easily take place and ensure the handyman listed can boost their visibility online. It will also ascertain you can get a competitive edge and maximum returns.

Wrapping Up

Want to be a part of the $4.75 billion profitable handyman market? Yes? Get the Uber for handyman app advantage today and transport your business towards a path of profits and ROI like never before. Possessing features like in-app chat and call, real-time location tracking, and multiple handyman services – customers can seamlessly connect with the professionals nearby, get quick services and ensure the handyman earns sufficiently well. Also, it will help you get the attention of end customers. Also, it will assist you in successfully standing out from competitors through the unique handyman services you offer. So, why wait? Connect with a handyman app development company to streamline this journey and get a solution that makes all these areas easily achievable. Also, you obtain the strength to scale your venture in a way that suits you best.

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