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Everything You Need to Know About Exposed Concrete

HomeBusinessEverything You Need to Know About Exposed Concrete

You decide about the care and keeping of the home you buy. So, the house grows old with you. You do regular maintenance and maybe even more home renovation for that purpose. A perfect house needs color and furniture. The outside of your home should get the same focus when it comes to area and design. You want to showcase your home with a yard that is inviting and landscaped. One can use exposed aggregate, which has many benefits. It is a design decision you can make for your home. Let’s learn why exposed aggregate would be a great choice for your home design.

What Is Exposed Aggregate?

Exposed aggregate is a type of concrete that is both durable and decorative. The decorative features of exposed aggregate are often compared to those of granite or marble. People like to use this type of concrete because the aggregate stones (which are mixed as part of the concrete) are exposed when the layer of concrete is pulled away.

Where To Use Exposed Aggregate

You can use exposed aggregate in many parts of the property, both commercial and residential. Exposed aggregate can be installed in driveways, pathways, pool surrounds, and more. These areas demand a good look and reliable performance. Choosing useless flooring that does not offer the same benefits as an exposed aggregate would be a waste of money.

Patios And Pathways

In terms of flooring, outdoor needs more attention from homeowners than indoor floors. You cannot deny the huge impact the outdoor area has on your house. The patio is one of the spaces on your property that should have exceptional flooring. The location also can serve as the venue for your event. So, you should guarantee the appeal and beauty of the house, as the patio floor is crucial. Exposed aggregate is the best choice for your location, and you can already tell that.

Driveways And Parking Areas

The flooring of your highway and parking area should be highly durable. The floor should withstand the weights of the car that stay there for several hours. Exposed aggregate is one of the best options for driveway flooring. The driveway should be durable and easily maintained, and it should not be slippery.

Entertainment Areas

You should know that the outdoor entertainment area should have hard flooring for a party or get-together. Because of the grey color of the concrete, homeowners turn away from them. The color grey is not inviting and warm, and it looks dull and cold to some people. Exposed aggregate is far more decorative than an ordinary grey color.

Benefits Of Exposed Aggregate

As a decorative concrete, Exposed aggregate has been around for a while and remains a popular choice. For decorative concrete choice, there are many benefits of exposed aggregate.

Improved Safety

The levels of safety of exposed aggregate are one of the features it provides. It offers improved traction, therefore, making it a nice safe surface. A driveway made with exposed aggregate will withstand heavy wear and tear and will revisit cracking, which also prevents tripping. Using them on the sidewalk and walkways is also safer, and there is less chance of slipping because of the surface of the exposed stone.


When you install a new driveway, sidewalk, or patio area in your home, it is a big investment. Exposed concrete can withstand many of the cracks and shifts that sometimes happen with plain concrete. Exposed aggregate is quite durable against the weather and last well over time.

Minimal Maintenance

People like to invest in a thing that won’t require them to maintain them year after year. Exposed aggregate will get a protective seal coat when installed, which requires very little maintenance. To help extend the life of the concrete, you will need to redo that every few years. Exposed aggregate requires much less cleaning than plain concrete as it does not show stains.


There are almost no limits to the possibilities of design with exposed concrete. If you are looking for decorative concrete, you should consider exposed aggregate for your driveway, sidewalk, or patio area. Make sure to consider other options as well if you think that exposed aggregate is not for you.

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