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How to Start a Career Without a College Degree

HomeEducationalHow to Start a Career Without a College Degree

Have you ever wanted to have a fulfilling and enjoyable career but have felt that college is a barrier in your way? Luckily, college isn’t the only way to prepare for a career. There are many careers that you can start successfully without obtaining a college degree. Here are a few of those options that you can consider.

Become a Dental Hygienist

First of all, you could become a dental hygienist. Dental hygienists have great careers for many reasons. They are able to help their patients to improve their oral health and hygiene. There is nothing better than boosting a patient’s confidence by helping them to achieve straight, beautiful teeth. Also, their education doesn’t usually take as long as a college career. Many dental hygienists go to school for a year and a half or two years before they are able to officially start their career in a dentist’s office. If you want a career that is fulfilling and achievable, a dental hygienist could be the perfect position for you.

Go into a Trade

Another option that will help you to start your career without a college degree is to go into a trade. For example, you could train to become an electrician. A trade school helps you gain necessary electrical knowledge to pass the test for your license. There are also other careers that you could gain from a trade school such as the positions of a plumber, a civil engineering technician, a heavy equipment mechanic, a MRI technician, a respiratory therapist, an IT support specialist, and many more.

Go to Beauty School

If you have any interest in the beauty industry, you could also start your career by going to beauty school. There are many different careers that you could learn at a beauty and esthetician school. For example, you could learn to be a nail technician, or a hair stylist, or a skin esthetician, or a nurse injector. You could learn many different skills such as eyelash extensions, skin lasering, artificial injections, and more. These different careers have great following and can be very fulfilling if you are interested in them.

So, if you don’t want to go to college to start your career, remember the suggestions that were made in this article. You could become a dental hygienist, go into a trade through trade school, or go to beauty school. These careers can open up endless opportunities for you that can be financially successful and emotionally fulfilling.

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