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Auto Insurance Add-Ons That Drivers Need

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Every day that you step out of your house, you are taking on risk. There is a risk that you could get injured, get into an accident, or that some sort of awful thing might happen. Now most of the time, these terrible things don’t happen. But every now and again, they do, and when they do it helps to have coverage. Perhaps the riskiest thing that you do most every day is drive your car. If you have a car, auto insurance may not be enough. Here are three auto insurance add-ons that drivers need in order to be fully protected.

Roadside Assistance

The first auto insurance add-on that drivers need to be fully protected is roadside assistance. When you get into an accident, run out of gas on the highway, or get a flat tire, your car insurance may not be able to help you out right away at the spot of the accident. Instead, they are there to protect you financially. But when you add roadside assistance to your insurance plan, you also get this type of assistance. With roadside assistance, you know that you can always get help on the road no matter what issue you are having.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Another important auto insurance add-on that drivers need to be fully protected is uninsured motorist coverage. It is estimated that about one out of eight drivers do not carry any liability car insurance, meaning you could be stuck with the bills if your car is hit by an uninsured driver. Having uninsured motorist coverage can cover the cost of medical bills and property damage if you are in an accident that is caused by a driver who is uninsured or underinsured to cover the damages of the accident. No matter how safely you drive, other drivers can put you at risk.

Personal Injury Protection

The final auto insurance add-on that drivers need to be fully protected on the road is personal injury protection. Personal injury protection, or PIP coverage, is particularly important if you don’t have a great healthcare plan in the event of a bad injury from a car accident. PIP insurance is no-fault insurance, meaning you can still use its benefits even if you are at fault for the accident, making it a no-brainer insurance option.

Driving your car every day is a dangerous activity, but one that you must do to participate in daily life in most places. In order to stay protected, you need more than just your basic car insurance. Make sure that you have these three auto insurance add-ons to stay completely protected.

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