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Best Gifts For First Time Mums

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Motherhood can be a tough time, especially for the ones experiencing it for the first time. Mothers revolve around their children, their needs coming second to their children’s. It is true that the baby needs special care and attention, but the New Mother needs it too. Read on to find the best Gifts For First Time Mums.

What To Get A First Time Mum?

It is not easy to get gifts for mums. Yes, she would genuinely appreciate anything you get her or her child for that matter (seriously, from where do you get all this love, mum?), but we want to get her something that would be useful for her. It is always a choice between something handy to help her adjust to this huge transition or something to help her relax and unwind.

Gifts For First Time Mums

Here are our top gift options that will make their hearts sing. Choose the one (or more than one, it is totally up to you) that you think would be the best pick for the lovely mum.

TV Subscription

The baby is finally asleep, and just when our mum got some time to catch up on her show, her Netflix subscription expired. While she was busy keeping another human alive inside her, chances are, she didn’t have the time to track her monthly subscriptions. She already has a lot to worry about; don’t let entertainment be one of them. Gifting her TV subscription gift cards is a nice way to take a little burden off for a few months.

Back Massager

Every second night is spent wide awake taking care of the baby, and 2 hours of couch nap does not cover that. When sleep is not an option anymore, you need other ways to relax. An electric back massager is like having your own personal masseuse at your beck and call. It is a boon for all the mums doing it for the first time. It is one of the best gifts for first time mums.

Target Gift Card

Despite scratching your head for hours, if you still have no idea whatsoever, get her a target gift card. A woman in a Target store is like a kid in a candy shop. She will not only buy what she wants, but a change of scenery at her favourite place will be good for her.

Noise-Cancelling Earphones

Tech-savvy or not, everyone likes to have a cool gadget. Noise-cancelling earphones are not only stylish but functional as well. These earphones would prove to be one of the best Gifts For First Time Mums. For those rare me-time moments mums get, give them uninterrupted entertainment until the baby calls her back again.


Not every mum needs her Mummy juice, but if your recipient happens to be one, do her a favour and get her some. There are delicious non-alcoholic options too.


Kindle is a godsend for bibliophiles. If the new mum is a voracious reader, Kindle Unlimited is the best gift you can get her. A new mum is on baby duty round the clock, and her limited time should be spent quietly after putting the baby down. What better way to relax than having her favourite snack and reading for a while? She can devour as many books as she wants (read can) and not worry about upsetting her child. It would be an excellent downtime for her too.

Skin Care

We wish the pregnancy glow continued into the nursing phase too. Sadly, that is not the case. However, thanks to science, we have the next best thing. Skincare! Skin type tends to shift as one of the many changes after conception. But don’t let the mum feel any less than a million bucks.

Gift her a skincare set that suits her skin type and is pregnancy-safe (very important!). Better yet, give her a gift card from her favourite skincare store.

Snack Box

The baby gets all his nourishment from the milk, not the mum. She needs her food but doesn’t always have the time to cook a normal meal for herself. A healthy snack on hand will be a lifesaver for her. Get the new mum a snack box with all the items she loves, and she will thank you every time she comes back from the brink of starvation.

Body Care

It is difficult for the mums to adjust to their postpartum bodily changes. For a while, it takes time for the body to recover completely after birth, but it does not mean they cannot pamper themselves. Sometimes a hot bath with your favourite bath salts is all you need to relieve stress. If the new mum has gotten an all-clear from her doctor, go ahead and get her luxurious body care set to spoil her. It is, hands down, one of the best Gifts for First Time Mums.

Hand Bags

She is a mum now, but she is a woman first. And a woman can never have enough bags (or shoes or clothes). Ask her what bag she likes, and she will tell you the collection and the model that debuted it. While it may take her some time to fit into her dress or shoes, she will have no problem flaunting her new tote.

How do you choose between a handbag and skincare? Or a back massager and snack box? With so many great options in the market, everything seems like a good choice.

The new mama kit is here with an answer. It is a homegrown brand that has designed these practical and super cute gift hampers for mums. They are versatile so that you can gift them to a new mum, an expecting mother or even a first-time mum.

New Mama Kit Gift Hampers

New Mama Kit has a range of all-inclusive hampers for mums and dads, which will definitely come in handy when the little one arrives. Each item in the basket is handpicked by experienced mums and locally sourced from ethical brands. From late-night snacks and maternity supplies to affirmation cards encouraging the mums, it has everything a new parent needs. The first time mum gift hamper is definitely winning you points as the best gift giver as it is one of the best Gifts For First Time Mums.

  • A few of the items in the hamper are
  • Milk chocolate (who doesn’t love it?)
  • Wine (mommy juice)
  • Herbal tea (stress can be a bit too much sometimes)
  • Extra large undies and pad (you WILL need this)
  • Soluble fibre sachets (there has been enough pushing for a year)
  • Affirmation cards (you got this, supermum)

Give the best gift to the mums, gifts that would truly make them happy. After all, a happy mum means a happy baby!

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New Mama Kit
Here are some great gift ideas for first time mums. New Mama Kit has the best gifts for first time mums. There is a range of all-inclusive, handy and super cute gift hampers.


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